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After passport submission, how long does it take to get the Visa!!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Punjabi Munda, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    I have applied for PR. I have got the approval of my sponsorship from missisauga. CIC new delhi had asked to submit the passport, but they dont give the time limit. But at the time of request, i was sent my passport to passport office for renewal.After 1 month i reeived my passport from passport office and i straighty sent my passport to the CIC new delhi. Still, we haven't got any news from CIC, New delhi office.
    I have already paid all the fees (i.e. landing fees etc.) required and submitted Medical and Police clearence at the time of submission of application at CIC, Mississauga as required.
    I have few questions in my mind, and I will be very much thankful to you to get the urgent reply: -
    1. How long it does take to get the passport back?
    2. Asking the passport by CIC is the confirmation of Visa or it can be still refused?
    3. Can i still get a call for interview?

    23 March 2010 - Submitted application
    26 April 2010 - Sponsorship approved
    13 May 2010 - Started Process of my file at CIC New Delhi Office
    17 May 2010 - PP Request
    14 June 2010 - PP sent to CIC New Delhi Office

    Thank You very much,
    Punjabi Munda
  2. hi there,
    answer to your questions are -
    1. it depends, it can take anything from 1 week to couple of months to get the ppt back from CIC.
    2. since your visa office is ND, asking for ppt does not mean confirmation of visa coz ND sends PPR immediately with or after AOR and then does the BC.
    3. There sure is a chance/possibility that you are called for interview. it depends on the IO.

    visa offices like manila, ND etc, call for ppt almost with the AOR and hence cannot assume that its visa confirmation unlike other offices like London, abu dhabi etc who call for ppt only when they are ready to issue the visa.
    all you can do is wait for the letter from visa office that will confirm the status of your case.

    all the best... hope this was helpful.
  3. Hi mr_canada,
    what is the background check?what they check in backgroung in marriage case,is marrige is genuine or not or they check other thing like occupation,education credential.

    pls answere my question i will very thankful to u. :)
  4. hi jassi,
    am not very sure but from what i have gathered at these forums is that BC is basically done for any criminal record or any such things. i am saying this mainly bcoz BC is done only for hte countries that the applicant submits the PCC for. So i am just saying this based on logic. I could be wrong though... some other members perhaps could throw more light on this.

    just hope this process gets over fast and we can be with our loved ones asap.

    all the best !!!! lets us all pray!!!
  5. Thanks for ur quick respons Mr canada..........keep in touch ;) ;)
  6. Hi Mr-Canada,
    Thank u very much for sharing ur experience with me.
    Thanks again
    Punjabi Munda
  7. Hi All,
    Today i got my passport with visa. yoooooohhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo....
    Thanks to all of you.
  8. Congratulations!! I am very happy for you:D
  9. Thank u very much friend.
  10. hi my husband sent his passport to Islamabad for visa, and still didn't get it back its been a week,
    how long does it take for th passport to come back please reply
  11. can body please reply me please

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