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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Drooza, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Dear All need advice about my Ielts.

    Education 22 Points

    Age 10 Points

    Exp. 21 Points

    Language 06 Points (L-5 R-5 R-4.5 S-6 Overall Band 5)

    AEO 10 Points

    Adap. 09 Points

    Total Points 78

    please tell me that this ielts is ok for immigration or not?
  2. I would suggest you should sit for IELTS and try to score at least 6. Even though you have enough points you will have to show that you are proficient with English, which is a very big factor. So, prepare for IELTS and take the exam. Prepare nicely and trust me you can score a really good band.

    All the best !!!
  3. i second Blue boy...just for a safer side
  4. i would say it differently. dont waste your money by doing ielts but rather use it to improve your english for actual work, and not to show it for immigration. Remember i am no expert.
  5. You can do better, let's put little more effort and go for IELTS - Good luck!
  6. But if his points are for sure, then he can get immigration even with 0 points in language. There is no minimum in language. That is my understanding.
  7. But, I don't think that the CIC Review officers will be convinced since as a Skilled worker you should be able to communicate well in atleast of the official languages (English or French).

    Theoretically it is fine but practically I am not sure. I will say that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you can afford (time wise & financially) then it is better to go for IELTS and score better. Else, its ok. You meet the basic requirements. I am also not an expert :).
  8. Can Bobbyb, Rupeshhari, PMM, Leon answer this. I am also interested in knowing the answer.

    I don't see any minimum score for language on the website. Someone said this already.

    Someone else said, why will they let someone in who cannot speak language, but that can go for education, only one year of work experience, someone really old but who can make the points, etc.

    Maybe one of the top experts can answer this. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
  9. canadavisa4me check this trackitt.com/member/eudor2000 (6.5 close enough) and remember we don't know who got rejected due to low IELTS despite getting 67 because they may not be putting their case on trackitt.

    So you have to make the decision to do IELTS or not yourself.
  10. Whilst appreciating their take on this, I personally feel that the FSW application includes Language as a Very Important Factor to be proven, the onus of which is on the applicant. It should not be forgotten that for Immigration purposes you are asked to take the General IELTS exam as this is, and I quote:
    "The General Training format focuses on basic survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. (Rupesh ji - point to be noted) . It is for those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programs. People migrating to Australia, Canada and New Zealand must sit the General Training test".

    Now, the point is this. Although the minimum points required to successfully file and sail through an application is 67, can a FSW applicant establish himself in Canada without being able to communicate in either of the Languages spoken in Canada, especially English?
    Well, I am sure we will all say, Of course, Why not? But the question is, does the IO see it that way too? Well my answer to this question is, we do not know, as we do not have enough data with regards to this situation nor does the OP6e.PDf and EG7 say anything on this - so it's a gamble, isn't it? I am sure there are people who have been rejected, even though they made more than 67 points due to one reason or the other, which we do not know about.
    So, the billion dollar question in this scenario is, if the OP is ready to take the risk with what he has in hand, taking into account that he has way more than the minimum points. Then fine. If not, all I can do is, tell him what I would have done. As a person who see's half a glass of water as both half empty and half full, I would personally retake the exam and get a better result.
    However, if he has run out of time i.e the submission time limit, then, throw in all you have and hope for the best.

    The point in this scenario is, the ball is in his court. He will need to decide what to do. (I personally will do it again).

    Let see what others have to say to it.

  11. So this member got his PR with 6.5. Is that what you are saying?
  12. Again, this scenario is different.
    Well, I personally would not think of Immigrating with a High school certificate to any country as FSW. Maybe for further studies but definitely not as a FSW. Has the OP got other certifications or not? I am also sure the person you are talking about must have earned enough points in the Language category too, to be able to make the 71 points. (High school cert is 5 points, isn't it)?
    Give me a breakdown of his points and I will give you my take on it.
  13. I will get the information from him and get back to you. I am not sure how he got 71. He does have a job offer in canada. I don't know if it is valid or not. I need to ask him.

    Thank you
  14. Rup - i see 6 people who have gotten PR since February 2008 with IELTS scores of 6 or 5.5.
  15. Good for you. I guess that positively removes any doubts and verifies the situation to the OP's advantage.

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