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mistake in PR application will affect citizenship application?

Aspiring Canadian

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Nov 10, 2016
hi guys im posting this here as well as im slightly worried.

I applied for my PR back in 2017 through a lawyer and was just looking at the application today as i was preparing my citizenship application.

Under Canadian address history they put from 2015-02-15 till 2016-06-15. In actually fact i was only there until 2015-12-01 before moving onto the next address.

Now for my citizenship application i have to include past 5 years address history so there will be a discrepancy.

Should i ignore it as it is non material or should in include a letter of explanation saying address was mistakenly put wrong at time of PR application?


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Mar 13, 2019
I'd just put in the correct history in your citizenship application and forget about it. Mistakes happen. It's not as if they would not have granted you PR had you filled in your address history otherwise. I realized when filling in my PR application that I messed up one of my parents' name in past visitor visa applications (# major face palm) and just wrote down the correct name and moved on.