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Looking for resources on filing taxes while self-employed (technically a contractor)


Mar 18, 2017
Hi! Was hoping someone might have some experience with this and could provide some helpful insight.

I live in Canada, I'm potentially going to start working soon as an online tutor - my sessions will be set up through the company (Canadian) that hired me, but I'll be hired on basically as an independent contractor/self-employed. I've never had to file taxes this way, so I was wondering what I need to take into consideration as far as owing money each tax year, benefits/downsides to being self-employed, etc. Is the filing process much more difficult or different from just a regular T1?

Additionally, and this may be a little too specific, but I'm also US-Canadian dual citizen and I file my taxes in the US as well. Does anyone know if there are different forms I'd need to fill out, being self-employed?