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Draw 236 23rd November


Nov 23, 2022
Hi all

I just received ITA today want to confirm whether RCMP is required i got the invite for CEC mentioned in my ITA


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi All,
We have received Invitation on 23-Nov-2022 in FSW category (within Canada) and below are the profile details:

Primary Applicant:
- 4.5 years experience in India
- MS computer science in Canada
- Language test CLB 9

- 10 years exp in India
- 1 year Canadian exp (these points not included in CRS score)
- Language test CLB 8

CRS score - 499 (Spouse Canadian experience not considered)

We have following questions to submit the PR application:

1. Primary applicant has got job offer after receiving the ITA and joining from 09 Jan 2023. Should we update this on the online application? If yes, is the conditional offer letter enough to upload on the PR application?

2. Passport/Travel Documents : Do we need to upload all the old passports or only the current passport is enough? I have got my new passport issued and all my travel history stampings are in old passports.

3. Proof of medical exam: Currently IRCC has updated on the portal that for applicants inside Canada, new medical exam is not required and can upload the previous medical exam document in last 5years. We have taken our medical exam in India in Sep 2020 and again in Sep 2021, couple of days before we got our Student visa and SOWP PPRs. Should we upload the medical exam document from Sep 2020 or Sep 2021 as we are not sure if IRCC has considered our second medical exam?

4. Education documents: Primary applicant has completed Masters in Canada. What are education documents should we upload along with the degree? Do we need to upload all the marksheets and transcripts? Should we upload the BTech in India documents as well ? If yes, which all documents should we upload?

5. Employment documents : Should we upload any other document like reliving letter, payslips along with the reference letter?

6. Proof of funds:
- Currently most of the funds are in Spouse bank account. Can we transfer to primary applicants account or can we show in spouse account itself?
- Can we show the funds in TFSA account?
- How can we prove that primary applicant has access to funds in spouse account ? Should we get any notary for this or a letter from the bank?
- If the primary applicant updates about the job offer then no need to show proof of funds?

7. Spouse employment records: Spouse Canadian experience points are not considered in the CRS score when ITA received but still in the document checklist, we have spouse employment records to be uploaded as we have provided about the job experience in personal activities. Should I get the reference letter from all my previous companies with the duties and responsibilities or just the reliving and experience letters enough? As one of my previous company was start up and which is no longer exists so may not get reference letter for that experience.

8. What all other documents should we upload in optional documents which can help make our profile stronger.

Request you to please provide your thoughts and inputs on our above queries.

Your responses are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi all

I just received ITA today want to confirm whether RCMP is required i got the invite for CEC mentioned in my ITA
Based on inputs from my friends, RCMP is not required if you have stayed in Canada for less than 3 years and in case RCMP is required, IRCC will request and most of the times it because when there is someone with name similar to yours has committed any crime. So, I feel mostly not required and we are also not applying it. Please update if you got to know something different.

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