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Designation Mismatch in personal history | Please Advise


Sep 21, 2020
Hi there,

Post AOR query, I made a mistake on my spouse’s personal history. I have described his job as "Clerical Job" instead of his designation (Executive). But while obtaining open work permit before, I have mentioned his designation as "Executive “ for the same employer. Does this contradict? Do I need to inform this to IRCC using webform?

Please describe what this person was doing during this period (eg..job title, designation etc)
Clerical Job

Also, all his experiences have been mentioned in the personal history. And, unfortunately I've mentioned the WRONG NOC code in the LOE(Signed declaration). Does IRCC verify the NOC code for secondary applicant even if it is wrong in the personal history? Is it a Misrepresentation?

It would be great if someone help me on this.
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