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Acadia University

Located on Canada's iconic Bay of Fundy is the village of Wolfville. Here the stately, redbrick buildings of Acadia rest atop a sprawling picture-perfect green lawn. With 3,000 students, Acadia has...

Algoma University

Algoma University is proud of its size: it's one of the smallest universities in the country. With just 65 seats per class, students here are regularly given the chance to collaborate with their professors' on large research projects. That ...

Athabasca University

Athabasca University is a public university specializing in online education. Therefore, not only are courses open to international students in Alberta, but students may also take courses at the unive...

Bishop’s University

Bishop's sits above the junction of two stunning rivers in a forested suburb of Sherbrooke, Québec. With a population of fewer than 3,000 students, the university is ideal for those looking for a smaller, cozier, residential experience where their...

Booth University College

Operated by the Salvation Army, which operates in more than 125 countries, Booth University College is a private liberal arts university in Winnipeg, Manitoba. When the Salvation Army was founded by William Booth in the late 1800s, he proposed the establishmen...

Brandon University

Brandon University is an institution with less than 5,000 students. As such, students' individual aspirations are a priority: the student-teacher ratio is one of the best in the country. Despite being charted as a university in 1967,...

Brock University

About 20 years ago, Brock decided to revolutionize itself, setting out to build a more youthful staff that has "completely remade Brock", in the words of its president. This has allowed the school to focus more on experiential learning, graduate research,...

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