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LoonLounge's rapid member increase unveils burgeoning social movement - Although LoonLounge is only now being officially launched, the Canadian immigration online community has already made an impact. Nearly 15,000 members from 191 countries have registered, indicative of a social movement over the net. And it is not just immigrants benefiting from this social networking tool, established Canadians and recently-landed immigrants also find the site beneficial.

LoonLounge facilitates the creation of social and professional connections through community membership. The concept behind LoonLounge is based on the knowledge that communities create an informal social assistance system. This form of assistance helps newcomers in the settlement process, affording them the opportunity to more rapidly contribute to Canada both economically and socially. That contribution will produce a healthier economy and well-integrated society that is advantageous to all Canadians. Individuals in the process of immigrating and new Canadians can forge relationships with members who will ease their transition into Canadian society, while more established Canadians have the opportunity to acquire new clients, employees and friends.

The LoonLounge communities provide space where one can connect with Canadians, ask questions and receive guidance. Based on personal attributes that members identify with, including member's home country, Canadian destinations, and occupation, the communities are designed to provide a starting point for social and professional networking. The nation has responded with their involvement, recognizing the opportunity to reach out to new Canadians and establish a stronger, more integrated Canada.

"Governmental initiatives just can't provide the kind of support that LoonLounge offers to new Canadians," says David Cohen, an immigration lawyer and the founder of LoonLounge. "People need a support system. They need a community to get them started in a new life, and they need it before and after they get here."

Cohen cites the example of Julie, a Director of Human Resources at a city hospital. For over a year, Julie had been looking to recruit nurses with no luck due to the North American nursing shortage. Using the LoonLounge member base, Julie connected with Maria, a certified nurse from the Philippines who was thinking of immigrating to Canada. Through LoonLounge, Maria sent Julie her resume and credentials. Julie in turn obtained a work permit and immigration documents for Maria and her family through the work permit program, enabling them to arrive into Canada in just three months--a fraction of the expected waiting time for a skilled worker applicant. Maria and her family are now thrilled to be in Canada and Julie has successfully filled her vacant position. Meanwhile, since hiring more nurses, the hospital has been able to provide better service to the community. Thus, Julie and Maria are building a stronger Canada together, as the LoonLounge motto states.

About LoonLounge

Established only a few months ago, LoonLounge is a rapidly expanding online community and social networking site where established and prospective Canadians can meet and connect for the purpose of building a stronger Canada. The site offers Canadians a means of finding employees, new clients or new friends. For new Canadians, the site eases the process of Canadian immigration and settlement in Canada through the creation of personal and professional networks prior to and following their arrival in Canada. With almost 15,000 members, the LoonLounge network is at the heart of a burgeoning social movement.