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y is this PR card photo issue ?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by manunidhi21, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. hi seniors,
    do we have to provide snaps as prescribed or photographs are taken at airport by authorities for a pr card ?

    if we have to provide , what is the best we can do ?

  2. Read the CIC guidelines carefully
  3. thnx steaky

    if i refer this http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/prcard.asp

    imm 5455 suggest that i need to request , which will be delivered at some address

    i am confused what will be done at airport
    pr card /sin /health card
    or just entry
  4. Sorry, I have never seen this form and have no idea.

    Perhaps when you land, you can ask the people who greet you and cross check your COPR and passport about the form.

    For SIN and health cards, they are not arranged in the airport. Instead, you need to go to the nearest Service Canada office for the SIN card and contact the health ministry of your province for health cards.
  5. Hi

    Based on my landing last August, i did not provide any photos at all when we landed. What i noted was that when i eventually got the PR cards is that they use the photos that i had submitted at the time of the passport request. i did have to provide an address in Canada where the PR card was to be sent to.

    CIC has now put all forms on their website and i presume that could be what causes the confusion.

  6. Hi,

    Can I provide a new address alongwith forwarding photos as per the specifications!!!!
    I am at present outside CANADA and got a red letter at my Canada's local address that I need to send fresh photographs for issue of PR Card within 180 days. I was providing one of my friends address who now has moved out of Toronto. Can I request them to post the PR Cards at his new address!!!

    For pictures, one has to mention the date on the back side of the photograph. I asked my photographer about this requirement and he is ready to fix a stamp on the back. Now could you suggest me what type of stamp is exactly required - Only date stamp or date stamp alongwith name & address of the photographer!!

    After finding the address of the photographer can they (Immigration officials) raise an issue that photographs are clicked outside Canada or you are out of Canada at present, so PR card cant be issued!!

    Please reply.

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