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Would it be a problem landing with our own car that has some modifications?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by andy, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, I want to ask some questions especially for you who are live in Canada or has experienced crossed the border using your own car and imported it. Please help me, because I am going to land in a few weeks and use it as a list of goods for accompanying.
    1. Would it be a problem in Canada using dark tint windows? Is there any specific/limit how dark is permitted?
    2. I have SUV Tahoe 2004and it has muffler/2 tail pipe, originally from manufacture has only 1 exhaust. How far modification on the car is allowed for RIV? Any suggestions are really appreciate it.
  2. tester, thank you for providing that link, but I have seen it many times and there was no specific mentions on that website regarding to my questions.
    I need information from someone who had experience cross the border with the same situation I have, or for those who are live in Canada can tell if car modifications is also allowed in Canada same like in the states.
  3. 1, There is no problem except a dark windshield.
    2, It depends on the province. For Ontario Click Here, for Quebec Click Here, for other provinces, I do not know.

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