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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by somesh, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. i got my first application refused by CHC due to lack of funds and i reapplied in march 2010,now i hav got the letter from CIO to submit all my documents within 120 days but now the problem is i havent recieved back my ORIGINAL IELTS CERTIFICATE from CHC inspite of so many reminders.

    can i send them the notrised zerox of same or i need to arrange for duplicate one?
  2. I think you should apply for Ielts duplicate copy from the ielts organization. That is the best thing you can do.
  3. You can tell send them a notarized copy and convey that they hve the Original one with them under the older file number
  4. Hi

    Your best approach is to get a duplicate result from the IELTS centre and send this to them.

  5. Well,
    i applied for duplicate IELTS result but British coucnil replied that in their policy they will not issue any duplicate result.

  6. BCL will send directly to CHC. You can also send a notarized copy and refer to old file no. they can always verify the results online as well.
  7. Taken from the IELTS website


    What if I lose my Test Report Form?
    Test Report Forms are valid for two years. Copies cannot be sent to candidates but IELTS will forward a Test Report Form to your relevant institution or embassy. Up to five copies will be sent free of charge. Additional copies will incur a small administration charge. Talk to your test centre for further details.
  8. I think Sisifo has given a good point and others too. You can send your notorized copy of the ielts result with the new application and then order one from Ielts org directly to be sent to the visa office when you get first AOR as without it you cannot send any document to them. I hope it helps.

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