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Working for US company in Canada on OPT


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Oct 30, 2019

My wife and I are Canadian PR, and will be moving to Canada next month permanently.

My wife is currently working for a US company on her STEM-OPT and the US company is fine with her working remotely from Canada as well. In such a scenario, is she fine to continue working for the company remotely on her STEM-OPT without losing her F1 student status?

The HR is saying the company will be taxed in US and Canada both, is this true?

Due to this reason the HR is now asking her to join a consulting company in Canada and be employed with them as a contractor. If we have to take this route, can someone please help us understand the process, since we have no idea how to go about this.

Is going through a consulting company the best route for her or is it better to register herself as a personal company?