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Work Experience Certificate\ Reference Letter Format for 0213 code from India

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Harri27, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hello All and 0213 Code applicants from India,

    Could you share me the Format of the 0213 Work Experience certificate or Reference letter from India.

    I think i can update the roles and responsibility sections, and i need the updates for other sections that needs to be added in the reference letter.

    I dont think i can get a reference letter from my current employer, does that affect my application. Please comment.

    Awaiting for the Reference letter format for 0213 Code from India.

    Thanks to update.

  2. Hi Harri27,

    I have sent my application to CIO in Canada on 11-June-2010 under NOC 0213 too.

    I am waiting for their response but in this time my lawyer has told me to arrange for ref. letters. They repeatedly say to get in format (company letterhead, seal etc) but I cannot get it.

    Did you find a workaround for this?

    Please reply asap.
  3. If you can not get reference letter (experience letter) from current emp.; you can send appointment letter + all promotion letter from current emp + salary slip to show that you are currently working with that employer; + reference letter from two current colleagues on Rs. 50 stamp-paper.
    this is not mentioned in rules here; but I could not get better idea as an alternative.
    good luck.
  4. Thank you pooja123.

    I have shown my experience under NOC 0213 for different time periods (in 2008 & in 2010) respectively. My job title was different as well but general category remains IT Manager.

    Do I need to provide 2 reference letters for each period? Also, the one in 2010 is in Europe where I am currently working. My client's manager has agreed to provide one on plain sheet of paper with his name, signatures, company name and contact details. So would be the format of Indian colleague for period of 2008. (hope i am making sense).

    Not sure if I can get them to sign on notarized copies (specially in europe .. if such thing exists here).

    Are these two enough?

    Please respond. Many thanks.
  5. You need to provide a self affidavit notarized stating the roles and responsibilities performed,. any awards or certficates present also need to be notarized.

  6. Please note that visa office tries to confirm the role/responsibilities and even if title is not matching; they looks for duties under mentioned (claimed) NOC. I would suggest to provide notarize references; in India it should not be a problem; your friend can get it (two of my friends (ex-colleague) sent that on Rs 50 stamp paper but that was for USA GC); for Europe; it should be possible but that person would need to come to notarize officer's office; which may not be possible; so as calvinhobbes66 suggested; please add self-affidavit also (for both periods).

    please note I have not read all this in rule (guide) book; but it is just a suggestion.
  7. Thanks for your response.

    I still haven't found any prescribed format for these. Can anyone please help.

    My work experience has been broken down under 7 categories as per Principal-Applicant form. Do I need to provide 2 reference check letters for each NOC mentioned or just two descriptions under NOC 0213?

    Also, is it ok to let my colleague take a print out and sign it or does it have to be handwritten?

    Hope I made my queries clear. Thanks again for your time everyone.
  8. Hi Harri and all in this post.

    I belong to 0213 and got reference letters in below format from past 2 old employers. I wrote explanation letter with the reason that I wont be able to provide from current employer. One out of my two employers refused to include salary information in reference letter and I wrote one more explanation letter to consider hike letters and last 12 months payslips.

    Any Employer should be able to provide reference letter on their letter head if you request it kindly. I got to fight to some extent to get those letters, in the end I got it and happy that I got roles and responsibilities that I needed for 0213 (I got to thank my managers for their kind help).


    To Whomsoever It May Concern

    This is to certify that Mr/Ms. xx (Employee ID. xxx) was employed with our organization xxxxxx from xxxx to xxxx as an “xxxxx”.
    His/Her major responsibilities includes:

    5 to 6 bullet points....

    His Annual Compensation and Benefits:

    His exposure in these areas is very good.
    (about ur performance - this will be ur advantage to have though its not mandt.)

    Yours Sincerely,

    Designation/Mobile No."

    Note: Don't use the same roles and responsibilities that were provided in official site. As some one stated in this post, my designation doesn't match 0213 but manged to get reference letters with correct roles and responsibilities.

    Please be careful with these reference letters. Because this is the only way they can make a decision that you belong to certain NOC code.

    In worst case and if you dont have any choice then go for affidavit copies from you old managers with his business card. Remember to put explanation letter wherever necessary.

    Good luck all.

  9. Thank you brad84. Much obliged.

    Could you or anyone else also help with one last query:

    My work experience has been broken down under 7 categories as per Principal-Applicant form. Do I need to provide 2 reference check letters for each NOC mentioned or just two descriptions under NOC 0213?

    Many thanks again.
  10. Hi skilledworkerapplicant,
    I did not get you about you're exp. broken down in 7 categories.

    Here are my views.
    Reference letters with roles and responsibilities are important that you're employed and will be eligible to claim points for you're experience under 38/ or new 29 eligible occupations.

    Provide reference letters for the periods of NOC code (i guess in your case 0213 is only eligible) that you're expecting to claim points.

    For example: consider you worked in 7 NOC codes in 3 companies. (1st comp. - xxxx+xxxx NOC; 2nd Comp - xxxx+xxxx+0213; 3rd Comp. - 0213)
    You can provide reference letter from all three companies but make sure 2nd company mentions all you're designations (including time periods) w.r.t their roles and responsibilities.

    Visa office is going to look the time period for how many years you were handling 0213 roles and responsibilities and allocate you points to assess application. So if you're claiming 4 years experience in NOC the you're reference letter should prove min 4 years handling those roles and responsibilities.

    Iam not sure if I answered you're question completely. Be more specific if you have more questions..

  11. Hi Brad84,

    Sorry for being not clear in my earlier post.

    As directed by my attorney I have included my complete work experience in last 10 years in Principal Applicant form, including 2 years under NOC 0213.

    My question is that do I need to provide 2 reference check letters for each other NOC category (3 more) as well?

    Hope its clear this time.

    Thanks for your time.
  12. Is that 2 years from same company? If yes, 1 letter will suffice you but make sure 2 years time period is mentioned clearly for 0213 roles. And if asnwer is no, then you have to provide x no. reference letter w.r.t that 2 years work employers i.e if you work in 2 companies then it should b 2 ref. letters; if you worked in 3 companies then it should be in 3 ref. letters.....

    Get as many reference letters you can from past employers. If only 1 employer for past 10years then 1 whole letter is fine but as I said all your positions w.r.t roles has to be mentioned clearly in a letter.

    Hope I answered you're question this time.. :)


    one reference letter minimum from each employer.
  13. What if the Candidate got promoted in the same company twice. i.e 1st he was at junior level and after 6 months he was promoted to senior level. what should be the format for this?

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