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Work at Quebec as Temporary Worker

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by Ztutew, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Good Day to All!

    Hi am a filipino applying for a work in Quebec as Ship Captain which I found in jobsite "Jora". My prospective employer Westfluid oil & gas corp acknowledge my application and told me to communicate with their recruitment consultant job-web recruitment agency. They told me to prepare 3000 usd to fund the processing of my CAQ, LMIA & TWP. Im in doubt with this arrangement since im dealing with them only by email. I already received my employment contract letter and was confirmed by the Canadian Embassy here in Manila. I already paid for the application of CAQ worth 400 usd. My concern now is regarding the processing of LMIA in which I will pay for 1200 usd. On my knowledge the LMIA is to be obtained by the employer before hiring foreign workers. My question is why I am the one to obtain and pay for it? Is this arrangements legal and usually done?

    Kindly help me guys, I dont know someone who can advise me with this matter.
  2. It's a scam. There's no job.
  3. Thank you!

    Is it possible for an employer to direct hire foreign workers in Quebec?
  4. Hi,

    what happened to your application to Westfluid? I received an employmeny letter also, and I refused to sign it.
  5. Have you receive any response from them? Thank you
  6. Hello, just wanna know what happened next?
  7. Nothing happened because it is a scam.
  8. Thanks Canuck! Is there still a possibility to land a job for a 48 yrs old in Canada?
  9. Next to impossible for anyone to get a job from outside of Canada. An employer needs an LMIA to hire you. The process is long, has strict requirements and costs $1000 with no guarantee of approval, so it is hard to find an employer willing to go through that.
  10. Please Add me in your work visa programs

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