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which jacket,shoes for calgary!!!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mercy4all, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Friends,
    Soon I am landing to calgary from INDIA,I don't have any idea about calgary climate deeply,no friends/relatives.Please anyone can guide me which jacket & shoes/socks should I buy for me & my family to survive calgary winters.
    Additionally,can we take DISHTV setup box from India or we have enough indian channels available there through cable-which will be cheaper?
    Please share
  2. come on experts,lets share
  3. I would go for layers over thick jackets. That way, you can shed some of the layers when it is warmer and wear them all when it is colder. You can see the weather in Calgary here: http://ca.weather.yahoo.com/canada/alberta/calgary-8775/
  4. LOL dishtv will not work in canada..you will not get signal..some people have tried it...in nearby countries some people did get signal..but not in far countries.. and it is ILLEGAL!..
    we cannot watch american programs here in india for the same reason. technology exists. but the licensing issues does not allow for international broadcasts
    and man its gonna be hard without any relatives
  5. DO not worry... there are more Desi than you can imagine.

    As for Clothing, buy stuff in Calgary....

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