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which is better idp or british council?

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by prince33, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. hello..

    i gave ielts exam from british council last month...

    i got overall 6 bands i.e listening-6.5,reading-6.5,writing-5.5,speaking-5.0

    i have to give exam just because of 5 bands in speaking...

    plz suggest me frm where i give ielts exam-british council or idp?
  2. please see my reply below:
    Reference: IELTS-Blog

    Today I’d like to clarify how IELTS, British Council and IDP are related, because many students and future immigrants were asking me this question “What is the difference between IELTS IDP and British Council and where the exams are easier?”.

    IELTS was invented by the University of Cambridge, British Council and IDP all together. It so happens that in certain countries British Council is in charge of IELTS exams and in other countries IDP runs IELTS exams, and then there are countries where both British council and IDP offer IELTS exams, which people find confusing and are not sure where to go.

    The most important thing for you to know is that IETS exams are the same worldwide, it doesn’t matter who supervises the test, British council or IDP. We have seen many times that in two different countries people have got the same questions and topics.

    As to scoring, there are two parts of IELTS exam that are clerically marked – it means that your Answer Sheet is being checked by people who have clear instructions what answers are to be considered correct and incorrect. These two parts are the Reading and Listening and for those it doesn’t matter who does the grading.

    For the other two parts, namely Writing and Speaking, it is not that simple. In some countries people are telling me that the exams at IDP are easier than at British council, but since the exams are the same, it can only mean one thing – the staff, the examiners who do the grading of Writing and Speaking are giving more favorable marks, compared to staff elsewhere. This is the only explanation I can think of
  3. Yes, Saeid 2011 is correct. In my country, there are 2 ielts test center: IDP and IALF. all examiners in IALF are senior examiners, while most of IDP examiners are young examiners. I ve taken ielts in both centers and i felt examiners at IDP are more generous, so that i got higher mark in IDP than IALF.
  4. Dear friend, i would suggest you to write from british council. idp is making money thats it.
  5. I think British Council is better then IDP.
  6. for speaking part , it is not a matter it is a British council or idp , it is a matter that when they hired some of our Bengali teacher who marks wrongly in speaking and has a lack in attitude and manner , in my experience white examiner is far better compare to our Bengali teachers!
  7. Hi friends,
    british council is best for IELTS its my experience :) :)
  9. hi,

    in my personal experience of taking ielts in both centres...british council is best comparing to idp..in terms of service and also grading
  10. but i think all the answers rechecked by 2 examiner.it might be done in two different countries.

  12. British council is better
  13. what is your argument for this reply?
  14. I have witnessed mismanagement issues at AEO
    but not at British Council

  15. We are forgetting one thing, both the agencies are there to asses your english language... period.

    band and format of the test/exam is same for IDP and british Council. Immigration office wont give you less marks if you have taken exam at IDP.. or will give you more marks if you have taken exam at british council.

    I hope this is clear.

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