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Where do Canada’s Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake?

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by CICnews, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    CICnews.com has published an article with exclusive responses from the main political parties on the question: Is Canada currently accepting around the right amount of refugees, or too many or too few?


    Which proposals do you think are fair, and why? Is Canada doing the right thing? What else can or should Canada do?

    - CICnews editorial team
  2. Re: Where do Canada's Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake?

    I think Canada is def not doing enough to help refugees when compared to other European nations. Although I don't believe Canada should have their borders wide open, I do think that a comprehensive intake system should be put in place. In my opinion during the current crisis, there are thousands of refugees who left their homeland with high education. It might be feasible to start a category for asylum seekers who can come here and integrate into society with their families.

    The Conservative party of Canada has not been truthful and honest with the Canadian people, many of their promises have not been met and the information they provide to the public is misleading and not based on research (i.e Canada is top country in refugee intake... which was proved not to be true)

    On a final note I believe that talking about which country should take in more and who should provide more help, is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. If countries want the flow of refugees to stop, then they need to act and stop the violence in these countries
  3. Re: Where do Canada's Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake?

    Conservatives- None is too many
    NDP- Lets take atleast 50%
    Liberal- We are an immigrant nation lets take em all
    Green- Lets bring a tree with a refugee
  4. Re: Where do Canada's Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake?

    Looks like the greens have the most constructive approach. Good one:)

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