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Whatsapp group for Studying Science (Chemistry or related subject) in Canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by JMOBhatti, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Dear Forum members,

    If you are planning to study science (particularly chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, petrochemical, food science, nanotechnology or any other subject which lead to the following/related job domain upon graduation) in Canada, lets join at whatsapp to discuss different enrollment options and share the experience afterwords.

    If you have already graduated in any of the above cited subject, please do extend your hand of co-operation in promotion of science, please 8)

    Food Scientist
    Brew master
    Exploration Geophycisist
    Laboratory Manager
    Hazardous Waste Management Technologist / Chemist
    Chemical Engineering Technologist
    Pharmaceutical chemist
    Quality Controller
    Geological and Geophysical Technologist
    Pulping and Bleaching Manager
    Technical Sales Representative
    Textile chemist
    Biochemistry Technologist
    Paint Formulation Chemist
    Safety Officer
    Health Care Administrator
    Hydrometric Technologist
    Medical Laboratory Technologist
    Chemical Analyst
    Magnetic Resonance Technologist
    Plant Manager
    Water Purification Chemist
    Medical Researcher
    Chemical Physicist
    Patent Agent
    Industrial Hygienist
    Scientific Consultant / Consultant
    Non-Destructive Testing Technician
    Specialty Chemicals Production Supervisor
    Petroleum Engineering Technologist
    Food and Beverage Processing Grader
    Material Scientist
    Pollution Control Technologist
    Plastics Processing Manager
    Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologist
    Forensic Laboratory Analyst
    Nuclear Medicine Technologist
    Research and Development Manager

  2. good idea.
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  3. added; feel free to share your thoughts
  4. This is a great idea , :)
    my number : +2120635658000
  5. Please mention the number along with country code
  6. +639778122174 philippines po
  7. MSc. Project Management in Canada

    MSc. Project Management in Canada, I have searched and not found. Please help
  8. hello Every one
  9. Hello my Name is Taha, me and my wife are landed immigrants and are interested in joing the whatsapp group which u had made regarding studying science in canada. So if its there please add me. My number is +1 416 666 1351

  10. Please add me ---- +91 7382638019
  11. can anyone help me to find a whats app group for ARTs students.. my number is 9094425662
  12. hi, can anyone help me to find a whats app group for medical students
  13. Harry Potter, Scientific Magician +1 661 255-4100
  14. Hi
    Can anyone to help me, to find group of
    Mechanical engineering ?


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