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Whatsapp group for SINP OID alert for opening

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by m.rehanali, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Dear Colleagues

    There is no alert system of SINP opening for oid and express entry. I have seen lot of threads and most of the guys missed the opportunity to apply on OID and express entry before closing .

    For this, can somebody create whatsapp group and notify when the applications are open. It will reduce everybody time to check website again and again on daily basis. By this we can have real time information.

    My whatsapp 00971551905027
  2. Hi Everyone,

    Even I have faced the same problem which has caused me missing the timeline twice, please add me as well if there is any existing group for the SINP OID opening, my number is +91 9987609763
  3. Its funny.... These days there are a number of ways to keep up with web changes,,

    Web Alert enables you to monitor any website for changes (even when a login, a form post or password prompt is necessary to access the site). Get notified ...
  4. Hello Everyone,
    I have one question.
    Which step in SINP application is for uploading bank fund details proof. Please let me know the name of that steps as well.
    Can I show my stock values and PPF funds as well? I hope those are consider liquid funds.

    Many thanks
  5. Its in the 2nd phase with screen named Settlement Funds.

  6. Can you please help me in this.
  7. Anybody reply to get alert for OID opening on website
  8. Its good to visit site regularly...
  9. I have made a small web service to get notification by phone call to your number whenever the SINP site changes for accepting applications via EE or OID. I used the service to notify me and it worked. Now I made it publicly available for anyone to use. try it at https://sinpnotify.com
  10. I tried to registered but not sending any code on mobile.
    This will send alert only one time or continue to send wheneve it opens
  11. Add me: +918552826270- sariputra
  12. Please add me also Zeeshan Sheikh 0096590096561

  13. I tried to access the website (https://sinpnotify.com), but it says 'This site can't be reached' Is the site still working
  14. Please add me for SINP OID: +8801923508304

    Thanks in advanced.
  15. I've missed the last intake and please add me for next intake of SINP OID: +8801716794064

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