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WhatsApp Group for rentals in GTA (Toronto) area

Discussion in 'Housing' started by shibdutta, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    People who are coming in near future and looking Accommodations for short/Long term in the GTA region.

    You can Join this bellow WhatsApp group. It will give you a platform to talk to real estate agents and Home owners and find a place to stay after landing.


    Please mention Date of landing, Location, Budget, Number of Rooms you are looking to rent, and number of family members when you join the group.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To find a rental in GTA area is tough (tougher in case of new comers) and expensive, so start your search early and have realistic expectations as with budget and features. i have been this path.

    What this group will offer.

    1) Information on rooms on rent, or 1/2 bedroom condos in Mississauga or GTA area.
    2) Information on Rental search
    3) What documents needed for rents.

    Who joins the Group

    1) Obviously people who are looking for rooms, houses/condos for short/long term. So that they have a place to live when they come, while they look for Jobs and settle down.
    2) Selected real-estate agents who specializes in rental Housing in GTA area. (they wouldn't charge you anything, as they get commission from the Owner)
    3) People who has extra rooms in their units or Basements in their houses to rent out.
    4) People who are willing to share accommodations.

    Why I created the group

    I have rooms available in 2/3 Bedroom Condo (from May 2018), for which I am looking for tenants (single people looking mostly for short term accommodations) or Students in Toronto University.

    - Fully furnished (double bed, closet).
    - TV included in each room.
    - high speed Internet included (500 Mbps).
    - each rooms has its own locks.
    - Two Bathrooms to share between three rooms.
    - Kitchen has stove, fridge, Oven, microwave.

    - 2 minutes’ walk to Mississauga transit bus stop
    - literally 2 minutes’ walk to GO bus and GO train stations, which takes to Downtown Toronto.
    - Gym membership included.
    - 10 minutes’ walk to grocery stops
    - 15 minutes’ walk to Celebration sq/ Sq One mall.


    - Only one person per room
    - no pets allowed
    - no overnight guests allowed
    - no party

  2. Hi Shiv, of the rooms you have available - is the accommodation short term? One of my clients is a lady looking to rent short term starting in April. Let me know.
  3. Hi Anu,
    yes it would be short term, but the room will be free from April 22nd.

    if you want to get hold of other rental units you can join
  4. Hi, we are 5 adults and 2 kids coming by end of April. Please let me know if there is any short term accommodation available in Mississauga, Brampton,Oakvile area. Contact details : charu.hans@gmail.com / 9999358850. Thanks
  6. @shibdutta

    Dear Shib,
    My friend and I are looking for a place to rent, short or medium stay in GTA region.
    We are landing on 23 March 2018 from India. Our budget is up till 450CAD/month or even could pay more after having a look of the facility via picture or knowing the location.
    PLEASE SHOOT ME AN EMAIL IF YOU COULD SERVE US. Email ID tanziett21@gmail.com or could add me on whatsapp group with phone no 8860479756
    Thank you.
  7. Hi There , I am looking for accomondation for six months may extend later .I am single. with no job. This is my third visit to Canada and am an immigrant. Please write me on kauserxr@gmail.com
  8. Thank you I havea ready joined
  9. Dear All,

    I have joined whats app group. I am planning to move back to Canada by last week of September or 1st week of October, 2018. I am looking for an apartment / condo with 1 bed + den or 2 bedroom. We are family of 4 i.e 2 adults and 2 children ( 9 and 7 years). My target area is near square one. Kindly share options at shsiddiki@hotmail.com
  10. is there a whatsapp group for job listings?
  11. This group seems to be full as of now. Is there any other group that is available for rentals. I am looking for a place to rent near Don Mills Subway station. 2Br which I can share with another working professional.
  12. Hi Shiv. We are a couple with a 5 yr old daughter landing on 11sept in Toronto. It would be a great help if you could help us in finding a condo or a basement.Also the whatsapp group u have shared has no room for me as its full.
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    Hi Shiv

    Do you still have anything available and secondly, is there any other group where I can join as I am moving around 10th of September to Toronto from Halifax and would really appreciate your help. We are a family of three and are looking for 1/2 Bedroom apartment or condo. I have secured a job in Old Toronto. I am coming for a short trip during 24th-27th August in Toronto... Please advice and help. Thank you !
  14. Hey guys how can i join the whatsapp group

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