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WhatsApp group for Nigerian immigrants

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Salientphysicist, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. My Name is Ridwan, I am in need of permanent residential visa this is my WhatsApp number 09072209128
  2. Please add me up to the whatsapp chat group. Thanks. +2348065432185
  3. Am in need of it, am interested. I am Wendy and here is my WhatsApp num+2348103606808
  4. Please add my number 08087329440. Thanx
  5. Can u add me up pls 08133340041
  6. mine is 08066784280. seriously need this Canada visa
  7. Pls add me to the whatsapp group.My no is 07030790407
  8. Please add me to the whatsapp group.My number is 08169218904
  9. please, i need help on application processing pls, add my on 09098728931.thanks
  10. Please add my number - 2348173429811
  11. Hi, my own case a little bit different , my CIC account has been locked and have sent an email to the technical department but they are not forthcoming how many days does it take for them to unlock it after sending an email has anyone been in my shoes before .
  12. Please kindly add me to the WhatsApp group 08069016551.
  13. Hello Frank, I'm about consulting ewc regarding my Canada migration application. Was at their office at Lekki some days ago for consultations. Please would you mind to share how you were scammed so i fall be a victim.
  14. If you are coming from Nigeria the chances of getting a TRV have become much more difficult. There was a pretty lenient policy for a while to get a US travel visa. US visas are much easier to get versus Canadian visit visas. There may have also been some questionable activity going on as well. Due to the very large number of Nigerians using their US visas to arrive in the US and head to the irregular Canadian border to claim asylum in Canada, the US has cancelled many visas and are returning some non-visitors when they arrive in the US (they are not allowed through immigration). Canada has asked the US to continue investigating whether Nigerian applicants are truly visitors that'll remain in the US. You may have heard of other Nigerians trying to claim asylum in Canada and that it had been relatively easy to get to Canada. That is no longer the case. Also many of he applicants may not receive asylum. I am sure asylum in Canada has made the news or discussion groups in Nigeria so wanted to update you that things have changed.
  15. Thank you so much man for this information. I was initially thinking of following this asylum path according to a friend's advice. Never knew things have changed.
    Thanks once again, i appreciate

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