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WhatsApp group for Nigerian immigrants

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Salientphysicist, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. pls add up 07035532652
  2. Hello my name balogun muniru i really need your assistance on this i want to move to Canada with my wife and kids how am i going to do it, this is my whatsapp number 08036575102.
  3. me and my family like to relocate to Canada, please how do i go about it.
  4. Pls add me to the group, this is my whatsapp number... +2349034895690
  5. Pls add me this is my number 08034996653
  6. I need a nice job in Canada. Im a new graduate and I look forward to travel to Canada for job in order to develop myself. Pls add me to the WhatsApp group. 081003
  7. I have just gained admission into a Canada School. Please add me 2347038344145
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  8. please like join the whatsapp group 08025351769,pls add me
  9. Pls add me +2347030791154
  10. someone should please add me to this group,+2348025351769
  11. Please I need help on Canada immigration, add me 07030748843 thanks
  12. Hi.I'm new here and I've great interest to migrate to Canada. Please, I need assistance on how to go about it. I'm a fresh graduate of English and literary studies. Here's my contact, +2348135382891. Please do add me
  13. Have been scammed Here in Nigeria .just because I applied for Canada study visa ewc is the company name. Am so fedup is there any reliable means of getting any favourable type of visa to Canada.
  14. 09060159134 that's my number
  15. Please add mine too: 08123743201

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