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Whats The Processing Time For Study Permit in Jamaica

Discussion in 'International Students' started by jambrown, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, does anyone has any idea of the Processing Time for a study permit in Jamaica. I bring in my documents on the 28 of June 2011.. My classes begins in September and i am wondering if i will get it by then.. I am seeing 8 weeks on their website, and i was told it should be 6 or less weeks... I need some info please...
  2. Hey Jambrown,

    The 8 weeks is a guideline, I know of instances where it takes 2 or 3 weeks. I also know someone who is going to school in September and has not submitted her applications as yet. I am also in that category, I want to submit my application next week and i hope to get a response to start school in september. Not sure y u havent received a response as yet on urs though, maybe by this week u will. Are u the only applicant on ur application or do u have spouse/kids. In both cases the people i know who got thru in 2/3 weeks were the only ones on their application.
  3. Yes i am the only person on my application.. I am thinking the long delay is because of the summer rush, and this CHC has to deal with other application from several other Caribbean Territories.. Ohh i got a call from CHC on Monday asking me for a copy of the person Passport that is on the joint account that i use.. So she gave me a fax number and i send it early the following morning.. All i can say is that my application is been process.....
  4. you are right, its the summer rush. I will be submitting my documents on Tuesday, but based on what you said about passport for joint account holder, i fall in the same category, so i am going to have to get those and submit it along with my other documents - good thing u mentioned it. I will let u know how my application goes.

    All the best!!!!
  5. Hey Jambrown,

    did you ask the joint account holder to write a letter also stating that it was ok to use the funds for school?? I am wondering now if I should do that . . .
  6. Yes you should get a letter from the joint account holder, giving you permission to use the funds for your schooling. I submit it with all my documents at the CHC.. I just never know about a copy of the joint account holder passport.. And you need to hurry up and bring in your documents to the embassy if yuh going school for the fall semester. Its been 1 month now since i send in my documents and i only got that call on Monday requesting the copy of Joint account holder passport...
  7. Thanks Jambrown, I go the original acceptance yesterday (friday) from the school so will be submitting everything tuesday. Tanks fi di advice. I will be doing a one year program but I already have a visitors visa, so mi a pray it wont take so long as i have the visitor's visa already. Hope u hear something positive soon and i will definitely keep you posted.

    Thanks and all di bes!!!

    Aaight . . .
  8. Hey Shekool what's up? wat are you waiting on to apply girl??? The website says 8 weeks but I got through in three weeks and I am leaving for school in three weeks ;D. Jambrown did you not get a date to return when you dropped off your documents? Well, if you used the drop box you would'nt. I dropped off mines in person and got the return date when the person at the window collected and checked them to make sure I had everthing. Once you are using a joint account you must get a sponsorship letter from that person as VO is saying the money is not yours. I used a sponsor and I submitted her drivers license, logical you know, they have to identify the sponsor somehow. Missing documents will delay the process once they have to stop and ask for something, it can be annoying I think to VO so make sure you read if you are not using a sponsor. You also have to think like them; make sure you have documents to back up everthing even if it was not asked for.

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  9. Hey Haley.

    I did not got a return date from the officer at CHC. I went inside just as you did and she check my documents and said thats it.. I am just hoping i can get my passport really soon, because i should be leaving the end of August as well. Do you mind telling me which college you attending in canada Haley? Thanks for your info above...
  10. Bwoy Haley,

    Lang story. But Tuesday it is, as i was telliing Jambrown, I already have a TRV so I pray it will not take long. Aaight den, hope the packing up going alright, I am taking two weeks from work to get rid of things, so I should have more time on my hands to finalize things . . .
  11. Hey Shekool,

    I am almost certain I see where they said somewhere that the cut off time for September is August 1 to apply for visa. I might be wrong though. Having a visitor's visa is good especially if you have traveled before but I don't think it will speed up your application. First come first serve.
  12. Jambrown don't worry you will get through, you must have faith. Once they are asking for things it's a good sign I believe or else they would just deny you. Look at it this way, its a shorter time to wait. I got through from June 3rd and is the longest wait I am waiting for August to come. It's like August can't come. I am going to Manitoba, low tuition rates, low cost of living and really good Uni/Colleges. If you are on a low cost study regime and want to study in Canada Manitoba is the place to go. I find that most people opt for Toronto and the rates there are ridiculously high, just about everything there is expensive, just leave the big city life until u have achieved your education then you can go to any province that you want. I have no family where I am going just a really great friend. You don't av to know anyone either. Most people have family where they are going and they promise to assist them and after a few weeks or months they start to show them another side and then wat next??? My tuition is $4400 per year and room and board is $400 which includes food, hydro, internet and phone own shower and living area and just 10 blocks from school. It's possible just read and have faith. I give God thank for the opportunity that he has given and it's only because of him I am able... Like I said soon you will get the seal in your book. Apply early mates
  13. I am not worrying, i just want to get it soon so i can go ahead and purchase my ticket. Where you are going sounds really good, but i am going to a country area as well which is Vancouver. I heard its a really nice place and the college that i got accepted to is really good. The tuition fees and other stuff are low as well. Whats the name of the university in Manitoba yuh going....???
  14. Hey Haley/Jambrown.

    Did you fill out your application electronically? I saw on a website where it says that it should be done electronically or else it results indelays in processing:

    As of 15 February 2011, Students and Temporary Foreign Workers should use the new application forms accessible electronically through this website. In addition, an updated version of the Temporary Residents visa form will be available. All applicants in those categories should fill in their forms electronically and submit their application along with the 2D barcode generated following completion of the form. Failure to do so will result in processing delays. http://vfs-canada.co.in/importantnotices.html
  15. Well Most of mine was done electronically, But i think as long as you write in scrip in which they can understand it, you should not have a problem.. Remember that all the forms should have your signature and date at the appropriate places.. So make sure you look through your forms over and over...

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