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What is the cheapest pay as you go cell phone plan in Canada??

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by avishekchaudhury, May 1, 2010.

  1. Guys ,

    I'm with Telus and my wife is with Bell, pay as you go, but they are just ripping us off!!!

    Please input your ever so friendly advise


  2. How about "Wind"?
  3. qorax, i have a dummy question. When someone calls you, can you see the "number" from who is calling you?
    I mean, i have seen many companies web pages they have an add-on called "name display" or "who called me" or something alike, but all of them talk about name and number. Personally i am not interested in the name, just the number (i can answer, and later just type in and save the name in my address book), so, do we really have to pay extra just to see/receive the number?
  4. All cellphone plans here have 'Caller ID'. The one u described as "name display". Yes, u can see their numbers, unless it's deliberately 'jammed' by the caller (as done by the Policemen).
  5. Do you have to pay for this functionality? (i am interested only in the number, i dont care about a name)?
  6. Most cell phone companies charge you about $5 a month for the Caller ID function in their cell phone plans. And Caller ID usually only gives the number, not the name. However if you subscribe to their higher (and more expensive plans) which can go up to $80-90 a month, the Caller ID is given "free".
  7. I can only spk for WIND. As I'm with them. Caller ID is free here (with WIND).
  8. First of all, thank you for your replies
    Does wind uses SIMs? Or are they working in CDMA?
  9. Sims, Yes.

    However, they r neither GSM or CDMA. They r thru UMTS@frequency of 2100Mhz. The same which Data Carriers use. As of now no handsets r made standalone for UMTs. Which is why, we need to buy the handsets from WIND.

    The latest iPhone-4 is the first standalone mobile handset to be also made for 2100Mhz. Off course, from 800-1900-2100. Thus, would work with all networks, probably. As of date it's not yet launched in Canada. Expecting by 24th July 2010.
  10. Go Wind Mobile !!!

    Once again, thank you for your help. I read somewhere else a post from you where you were recommending this company as new comers friendly monthly plan (and cheap), which, initially I will be inclined, because we have to care about spending money we do not earn meanwhile we do not get a job just yet.

    So wrapping up:
    • cheap/fair cost per minute
    • free nights and weekends
    • free caller ID
    • where do I sign in?

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