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What can I expect in Quebec?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by minduca, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I am from Brazil. I am thinking about immigrate as a skilled worker ( I am a IT professional). My goal is to settle, work and study. I want a master degree or a MBA.

    Brazil has many laws protecting the worker and I wonder how it is on Canadá. I pretend to go to Montreal.

    Some benefits here:

    - 13 salaries per year.
    - 30 days vacation
    - 1+ 1/3 of a salary when on vacation.
    - usually 40 hours per week on work ( it can be 44 hours).

    How is that in Canadá? If the govern has some doc about it, please send the links and so I can read it!

    Thanks a lot!
  2. You can see the information for Quebec here: http://www.cnt.gouv.qc.ca/fileadmin/pdf/publications/c_0149a.pdf and those are the minimums. The employer can always give you more than that if they want to and some do.

    In Canada, you often get 26 salaries per year (every 2 weeks) but this is really a meaningless number because what matters is not how often you get paid but how much or more importantly how comfortably you can live with what you have.

    In Quebec, you get 2 weeks vacation after you have worked somewhere for a year and after 5 years you get 3 weeks. This is similar to other provinces as far as I know. In Canada, it is also common that statutory holidays fall on a Monday so you get quite a few long weekends. You may also be able to take unpaid holidays depending on what your employer will allow.

    40 hours per work are usual, sometimes 44 depending on the province but the employer can ask you for overtime. In Quebec, you may refuse overtime after 12 hours per day or 50 hours per week. In most provinces in Canada, the employer can also limit your hours if it is not busy, that is they can send you home without pay or have you work 3 days a week only if it suits them.

    Most employers do not pay sick leave but if you are sick for more than 2 weeks, you can get employment insurance.
  3. Also you do not get paid exams days, you can however take them and they will shoulnd't say a word.

    Number of statutory holidays as of now is 9 a year for QC iinm.
  4. 48 hours per week is still reasonable to me as my skill isn't very sharp.

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