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Dec 7, 2018
United Kingdom
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AOR Received.
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Of course I don't know your particular case, but just a few things to consider. First of all, if you contacted your MP a few months ago, a response from Warsaw "We are still processing" would be valid, because 12 months period had not passed to that time. But now you have more reasons to contact them. Second of all, I don't know if you contacted your MP personally or via your rep. Many reps (not all of them, but probably most) don't want to lift a finger unless it's absolutely necessary. They prefer to go the standard line like "prepare the forms, send an application, forget about it and wait until a response comes from CIC, no matter how much time it takes". It's personal for you, not for your rep. They are ok to wait infinite time. So if your rep told you they contacted an MP and there was no response, then I'd suggest contact your MP personally if you can. And lastly, what I've heard on this forum, MPs themselves quite often need to be pushed to take actions.
So, I'd suggest you to contact your MP personally (even if you did it last time, now you have a reason as 12 months have passed), give them all the details, be persistent, follow up, and you're probably get an answer.
Thanks but i have more confidence in my rep than a MP. My rep used to work for CIC for 30 years. Nothing to do but wait. My husband may need an ARC, I'm sure that is adding extra time to our case.