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Waiting for PR card..outside Canada


Nov 28, 2018
Hi all,

I m in India and m waiting for my PR card..I did soft landing for a month in November to confirm my PR n then came back to India in December for my marriage..i stayed there with my friend in rented accomodation..I opened a bank account in RBC in nov month n recently received an email from them that they have sent me a letter to submit some documents pertaining to tax residency..they sent a letter to updated address however m not therr ..so I m not aware about the information they requested .plz help what should i do now.

Should i call them n inform them that m not staying there anymore..I just updated that address to get my PR card.

Plz provide me the helpline number to call RBC from outside Canada

Or I should disregard the email..
They have requested the information before 10th February..

All answers would be appreciated..Thanks