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Vsiting Canada to get married.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Andro, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hi soon I plan on entering Canada from air. After our marriage I plan on doing an inland app. I am from a America and I know theres a chance that I might just get waved in and I won't have a visitor record or stamp. Is there anything I could use to extend my visit while my inland app is in process? Like my airplane ticket? Also will I get in trouble if I say I am just visiting and then get married?
  2. there isnt any problem during visit if you get marry
  3. Yes, apply for an extension of your visit at the same time that you apply for permanent residence.

    You won't get in trouble for getting married while visiting Canada.
  4. i made sure i said something to the customs officer when i was going to get married, i got checked into immigration, might want to say something to customs just to be safe.
  5. but do he has to wait a certain period of time to get married inside canada?
    i mean i heard people saying that if u r a visitor & wanna get married in canada then u have to wait atleast 60 days then u can get married, is that true?

    another question is , wat abt work? the sponsorship process takes time so wat can we do inorder to work legally till the issuance of the PR?


    by the way i didnt understand wat u mean essteeohh !!!
    could u plz explain? :)
  6. No waiting in BC. I was married there in January of 08
  7. wat about other provinces in canada ? is it all the same or not?
    & wat abt work?
  8. UNDER FAMILY CLASS IMMIGRATION LAW, YOU CAN'T LEGALLY WORK IN CANADA WITHOUT A PERMANENT RESIDENT VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you apply inland, you can work with a work permit once you receive "Approval in Principle." However, it can be a long time after you submit your application before you may receive the AIP. I considered doing an inland application but chose to to an outland for this specific reason.
  9. rgvinson777 i really need yr help as i wanna go to canada as a visitor and do it inland there , the problem is that i alreay married my canadian wife & 4 sure if i told the embassy the am married to a canadian wife they wont let me go even as a visitor , so wat if i said that am single & wanna go in a normal visit ? and if i said so , so wat i should say to the officer in the airport while entering canada (as like u know they have to ask u while entering the country "wats the reason of visiting the country?") ?

    do i ve to mention something abt marriage or i ve to completely ignore this part & just show that am going for a noraml vacation ?

    i just wanna know wat to do & wat to say inorder to do it inland without being in any trouble ..i know u might ask why i insist to do it from there , but the reason is my wife has a her studies & job that will start very soon & also she cant go by herself as she doesnt know any1 there.

    i hope u understand my situation .

  10. I cannot tell you what you should do. I understand your situation. If I was in the same circumstances as you and believed that my government would not let me visit my wife, or that my wife's government wouldn't let me visit her, I would visit her friends.
  11. sorry
    i didnt get u !!!
  12. If you tell the immigration that you are going to visit your wife, they might not let you enter for fear that you might be planning to stay. And as you stated, your government might not let you leave if they know you are visiting your "wife in Canada." So file your application from where you live and wait it out. If you file for PR from your home country, there is a much better chance that Immigration in Canada will allow you to visit. I know that isn't what you want to hear. I suggest that you browse through the 'Family Class' browser history. Maybe someone else has given the advice you need.
  13. thanks alot rgvinson777
    i really appreciate yr help

    but there is something missing here , my wife is not there in canada , me and my wife got married here in egypt and we both live in egypt for a long time
  14. Are you an American citizen??

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