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Visitors visa - Delhi (India) - Fee ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by canada_dream100, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Guys,

    I am preparing visitor visa application (4-6 weeks visit) and have checked CIC site for New Delhi, we are planning to submit application by post,

    can someone please confirm about fees & method of payment ?


    Single entry to Canada, including super visa (INR) 3,450 by Demand draft with application set

    Processing Charges*
    Processing Charges per applicant. (INR) 720 but I have read that it is accepted in CASH only, so how can we pay this fee?

    Optional Services*
    Courier returns facility. The passport will be returned back to the specified home or office address via courier. (INR) 250 Can we pay this fee also as Demand Draft ?

    Is there any other fee (am I missing something)?

    Please advise.

    Also, now I got following at


    1. Use of VFS's service is not mandatory.
    VFS provides its services with the official approval of the Government of Canada. VFS's fees
    for its services have been approved by the Government of Canada. However, it is not
    mandatory to use VFS's service. Visa and permit applicants may also apply directly to the
    Canadian High Commission in new Delhi or to the Canadian Consulate General in

    I am confused... since my parents are in Calcutta & I was planning to ask them application to New Delhi, and pay fee by demand draft, do I need to go by VFS? if yes, then what's the process ???

    Canadian High Commission
    Immigration Section
    P.O. Box 5209
    New Delhi
    110021, India
  2. Hi

    You have a choice, your parents can use the services of VFS and pay their service fees. Or they can send their TRV application directly to New Delhi and only pay the processing fee.

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