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Visitors visa application - Nigeria

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by ebichies, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I would like to here from folks that have applied for visitors visa at the Canadian embassies in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja). My questions are as follows:

    1) Did you attend an interview?
    2) what documents did you present?
    3) what kind of questions where you asked?
    4) Did you eventually get the visa? If so, what was ur most convincing points? If not, why?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi,Go to the website of the Canadian High Commission,Nigeria and you will get all the info and requirements for a visitors visa.

    Essentially you must have:
    1.Visible means of income.[Good job and healthy bank account]

    2.Strong familly ties to Nigeria[Married with children helps] to convince the visa officer you will go back To Nigeria after your visit.

    3.It is advisable to have history of travelling abroad in the past [No virgin passport!}

    In most cases you are rarely invited for interview.The application is sent and returned to you via DHL.

    All d best.
  3. Thanks for the post.

    If every embassy wants a good travel history, then who'd be the first to issue a visa?

    I am single and have well paying job, no close family member in Canada, have two expired UK visas and a french transit but several UK refusal stamps.

    What are my chances of obtaining a Canadian visa? I intend going on an explorational visit to British Columbia before applying for the PNP.
  4. the UK refusal means nothing since you finally got the UK visa afterwards. Do you have arranged employment in BC? That is one of the requirements of the PNP I believe.
  5. no job offer yet. I just wana see how that place looks. I don't think it's right to immigrate to a country you've never visited before.
  6. I would advice you to not to attempt applying for a Visitors Visa since you are single and have no close familly ties to 9ja.Your past UK visa refusal may be another factor.Do you have valid UK visa??If you do it is still 50/50 .Dont mess up ur passport with an avoidable Canadian refusal.

    What i suggest is you apply under PNP for your permanent residence.It should be through in 15 to 24 months.

    All d best.
  7. Apply new passport
  8. From my research, it seems that the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria hardly grants VISITORS visa. I heard Canadian VISITORS visa is even tougher than getting US visa and sometimes it doesnt matter if you have a US visa on your passport. Is this true??

    If that is the case, why not just make a rule that Nigerians are banned from visiting Canada?

    Any body has any experience with the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria? Insights appreciated.
  9. I hear you man. I applied for visitor visa twice for my mom to come and visit me in Canada. Both times they denied her, the 2nd time with even more reason than the first, even though I provided more documentation the 2nd time around. I even obtained a letter from my federal MP. It didn't do jack. Since they claimed that they don't believe she has strong ties to Nigeria and they are concerned that she may not return, I would like to see what they'll say now that I am applying for sponsorship. She really don't want to stay here for more than 6 months. It's too cold for her!
  10. This poster is in the same situation like you. But he submit the application the 3rd time...

  11. Wow, that was emotionally gut wrenching. I know how he is feeling. I have been there. In my situation my mother has no significant asset back home in Nigeria. Mine and my wife's income combined is over $100,000 but after reading slam324 post, I should have applied for a shorter visit. I requested 6 months.

    I paid for my mothers ticket and I was taking care of all her expenses. They claimed that our income is not enough to support my mother's visit. Very funny because now that I am applying for permanent residence just my income alone is sufficient.

    It was a very draining process, I didn't want to go through that again. If I had initially applied for sponsorship, the whole waiting period would have been over by now.
  12. Egbon i sent you a pm please check your inbox and reply many thanks
  13. Hello Folks,
    it nice having nija people in the house.
    please i would like to know the time frame for CIC in Ghana
    i have submitted my application for PNP since 7th June and till date i have not heard from them.
    please can we share our timeline pls.
    thank you
  14. Quick question:

    1. Did your mother use a "virgin" passport?
    2. Did she have a job in Nigeria?

  15. Well, in as much as I want to agree with what everybody has written, my experience has been different. We as Nigerians find it very difficult to follow instructions/rules and as such miss the point in most of the visa requirements.
    My family and I are new immigrants and immigrated to Canada last year Sept. Bearly six months into our stay here, my wife invited her mother and she was given a visa. my wife's mum does not have any substantial amount of money in her account in Nigeria and currently retired. Her visit was entirely on us and all we had in our account was just $5000 as at that time. If your facts are consistent and you provide all that has been requested as requirement, I think Canada is a family oriented country and will issue visa to relatives, most especially parents. I have a friend that had on file that his mother was late when he was applying for his PR and now wanted to bring in the aunt as his mother after 5yrs just because he saw my wife's mother was given Visa, (can u imagine??)

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