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Visa fee for work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by satifhr, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone

    I am going to apply visa in work permit category for Canada from Karachi Pakistan. All the necessary documents like job offer letter, Immigration letter, forms, passports, etc are ready. But I am stuck with visa fee.

    I have Bank Draft from Canadain Bank of 875 Canadian Dollar pay to the THE RECEIVER GENERAL OF CANADA.

    This Bank draft is not acceptable by courier service (TCS / Fedex) which is responsible for dispatching documents to Canadian High Commission Islamabad. They insist me to make this Bank Draft from Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan. Also they said that they have no instructions from Canadian High Commission to accept Bank Draft other then Standard Chartered Bank

    In this situation what should I do?

    Please give me suggestions
  2. Hi

    1. Since the fee for a work permit is $150.00 why are you paying $875.00?
    2. Please read the payment instructions here: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/pakistan/visas/processing_fees-frais_traitement.aspx?lang=eng It has to be Standard Chartered Bank.
  3. :)
    Thanks for prompt replay, Actually I am applying with family.

  4. Hello satifhr!

    hoping your problem has been solved, I pray May Allah help you in every difficult moment.
    Identify me! I am one of from your colleagues. :p ::) ;)

    Mughay Ahsan Kahtay hain
  5. hi Satifhr,

    I also want to apply for work visa? can anyone pls explain me the procedures or a link to it?
    me and my husband are planning to move together..

  6. Check this link may it will help you.


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