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Value of Canadian CPA in landing 1st job after immigration

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by usaidahmed86, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. I am a chartered accountant by profession and plan to land next year in Canada.

    With respect to finance related jobs, I have read a lot that Canadian CPA is a must in order to compete with local talent and land a great job at the first try after migrating there.

    I would like to know if that is indeed the case or i can survive on the basis of my chartered accountancy qualification from Pakistan.
  2. I am also an accountant by profession and my own research on the Canadian job market gave me an impression that you need to have Canadian cpa to start from where you have left in home country.

    If you are ok with start level jobs to start career in Canada, chartered accountancy is suffice.
  3. Which province are you planning to live in? First thought that comes to mind is that Canadian companies only respect Canadian education... but there are international companies here as well.
  4. I plan to settle in Ontario (Mississauga). Have already enrolled for CIA and CISA since i belong to the field of auditing.

    Am hoping these certifications will give me the edge to survive in the market.

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