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Urgent!!! Have you ever used your other name before?


Nov 27, 2019
Hi guys,

I have applied for Permanent Residency under CEC last week. My full name as per passport is HARDIK HETBHAI PANDYA and is same in all the documents that I submitted to IRCC has the same name. However, I have used name HARDIK HETKUMAR PANDYA back in India for which I have mentioned in study visa and work visa application when i cam to canada. However, as all my documents now have one name which is HARDIK HETBHAI PANDYA, I decided to not to mention HARDIK HETKUMAR PANDYA to IRCC to minimize any discrepancies. So, I am not sure what can i do about it as I cannot make any changes now. If you could lead me to a right path, it would be grealty appreciated. Can I withdraw my application now and reapply ?