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United Arab Emirates.. Dubai/Abudhabi applicants



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Jun 15, 2022
Nope. Nothing.
Applied - 11 Apr 2022
Biometrics - 19 Apr 2022

Current status - Reviewing eligibility requirements, processing background check.


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Feb 3, 2022
Today, we tried to visit VFS to submit the Paper bases Visa, they (the very first reception counter) just sent us away stating they do not accept paper Visa any more - Is that true?.

we mentioned the issue we are facing while submitting through Online, they asked me to visit One of the visa n document help center located downstairs.

They r premium doc & Visa assistance office, When we told our issue they said they can help. and charge would be AED 525.

But my question is if IRCC system did not allow me to proceed with actual visa date, same would be the case in theirs as well. Unless, they plan to do what u mentioned above. Use the birth date instead of the date in Visa.

tats is the only logical conclusion I can arrive..

Now not sure, if we need to proceed on my own with this or pay then AED 525, which would be utter waste considering they will do only as data entry work which I have already done. :( :( :(
Heyyy sorry I never checked this post, glad you did it by yourself, I mean that’s the only thing which makes sense, InshaAllah things will work out
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