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Unemployed for 18 months

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by David83, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Ok few examples of such agencies that work Canada wide:

    Adecco, Hays, Kelly Services...

    Some of them have just manual work, but others have some temporary office openings as well.
    Just use google to identify them.
    Sticking with Montreal might not be a good idea for you. So maybe it is time to switch to a different province.
    Also if you go for industrial openings, those are not that much in Toronto itself. It is more like GTA region or more south (Mississauga, Waterloo Kitchener, Cambridge, Windsor, Guelph).
  2. Thank you. I am giving Montreal a priority, but moving out is an option if things didn't work out in a few months.
  3. Then I assume, that you are learning French already, otherwise you can forget to get a good job without good work experience or French language (preferably both).
  4. I know French. I would assess it just below intermediate. English is more natural to me, though. I speak it without thinking, although I have an accent. I may try to strengthen my French again, since I heard Montreal is attracting many companies in the AI field, and the chances probably will be good to get a job as a data scientist or analyst in the near future.
  5. Then go for those temporary employments in order to get through. Good luck

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