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Two Way courier services VFS New Delhi - India


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Mar 29, 2018
Hi Guys, for the PRTD passport request - It does not ask for 2 photos of the applicant.

The letter says: Just submit the passport and the passport request letter.

Please suggest


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Jun 18, 2017
Hi all,

Blue dart picked my passport and it is in Mumbai VFS currently. I received an email like below with tracking number
Vfsglobal - Requested additional details

When I tried to track it showing ‘no records found’

Any idea why am I not able to track application ?
You should realize that you will likely not have healthcare in most provinces. What province are you visiting?


May 24, 2020
Hello everyone, I got confirmation of permanent residency. Me and my husband both are in canada and my kids are in india. I got their passport request for visa stamping. As we are trying to fill the webform for two way courier service it says invalid application number. I called ircc and they said it is a valid application number. Can anybody help? It is so stressful because my kids passports have just 7 and half months validity remaining and they are asking to submit before atleast 6 months of expiry.
Sep 13, 2020
Hi All,

My family(me,wife and son) received PPR last week. We submitted 3 separate envelopes to VFS and I see that all 3 are delivered yesterday at the same time. However, we only received "Requested additional details" email for my son and me.
Is there any reason to be concerned now? I was expecting to receive emails for all of us today.