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TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed


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Jul 5, 2021
I’m in the same boat; I got my PPR on 7th Oct, and mailed out the passport same day; they received it on 11th Oct morning 9:40 am; no update yet. I have a booked flight for 19th Oct. and I’m stressed because of this.

I have tried calling them everyday since 11th Oct trying to explain my situation;I get sent to automated channel saying, ‘congrats your TRV application was approved, you need to send us your passport to finish the process’. ‘Press 0 to speak to an agent’, ‘Sorry no agent available, please hang up’.

My younger bro just started his masters in UK, and is now sick with flu and is so weak he can barely do his own work or even walk. The medical system is very similar to Canada and probably worse. I applied for UK visa explaining my situation and got it in 4 days. There is just no way to explain this to Canadian IRCC.

I’m just praying all of us get our passports back in time.
Any updates?


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Mar 20, 2021
Guys! Finally got PPR just now! I hope and pray all of you waiting get your approvals soon IA!

Status changed as under:

Application submitted: 9th September

Review started: 22nd September

Called to Request Escalation: October 13th

Information Letter: October 15th (Denied my request to escalate)

PPR: October 21st

Best wishes to all!