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TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed


Sep 2, 2022

Sup @Gurtejdhaliwal just wanted to know if you got your TRV stamped passport after the second envelop went back to Ottawa?

I'm in the same issue as well. I finally got through to them 2 weeks ago by phone call. The IRCC told me that they stamped it and sent it to Canada Post, then jumped to their high volume delivery partner. They only told me to wait and check for updates on the second envelope tracking number. It will be updated eventually with the attempts of delivery by Canada Post. So yes you will have to play the waiting game.

If all of that fails they also mentioned that if it does have an issue it will go back to them eventually and they will Email back asking for your correct mailing address. They will require you to have an option to either re-ship a 2x Canada Post Xpresspost Envelopes with the correct mailing addresses OR send them an online Canada Post Shipping label directed to your mailing address.

The thing I noticed today is when I checked my second envelope tracking number the Canada Post it did update again with a second attempt in shipping the Xpresspost envelope as of Sept 1. I was using a Canada Post Flex Delivery Address from a Shoppers Drug Mart since my home mailbox has a communal mailbox for 3 other tenants lol.

The second attempt:

As a side note and as a lesson to myself lol. Next time I need to harden my hand writing on the Canada Xpresspost Envelope as it turns out the little paper sticker you write on the envelope has a carbon copy at the bottom. The IRCC will get the tiny paper on top as an original copy and leaves the Carbon Copy on the envelope for the Canada Post to ship with, also I have to plaster multiple stickers on the body of the envelope just in-case to help Canada Post with the un-readable carbon copy on the envelope.

I did the processing for TRV within Canada for a WP Stamp in June 28, 2022 after the decision I sent the passport in July 28, 2022. Now I'm waiting for the second attempt this September 1st and I have my fingers crossed as always. ;)

Reference quotes:
It's been a month now but no still no response from any one
Its been a month and no rply from ircc for my passport
Thing is my passport is stamped but instead of delivered to my home address its again sent back to cpc ottawa
I called ircc they said canada post have passport then I called canada post and they said I need to contact ircc because my passport is already delivered to them and now no one is telling me where my passport is
I'm trying to call them and everytime computer hang up the call and say we are experiencing high volume of calls. I also tried to contact them through email but no one is replying me


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Jul 19, 2020
Was your counterfoil issued?
Nothing yet, but will certainly be today. Did you get an email notification when yours was issued?

Can you please also let me know if by the end of today they actually send out your passport? You'll be able to find out via canadapost tracking app. Thanks a lot
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Feb 12, 2021
Got PPR Today
TRV INSIDE CANADA _ Study Permit Extension Case.
Date Send: July 13, 2022
Date Received: July 18, 2022
PPR: August 26, 2022
No Review of Eligibility update, direct PPR.
Got 1st message for biometric correspondence, 2nd after 30mins for PPR.
PAPER-BASED Application.
Hi, did you get stamped?


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Jul 19, 2020
  • Jul 28 - online application
  • Aug 5 - eligibility review started
  • Aug 19 - PPR + passport sent
  • Aug 23 - passport received by CPC Ottawa

I've been refreshing gckey website all day today, expecting the counterfoil to be issued. I have to postpone my trip unfortunately.

Did you hear from them yet?
Counterfoil generated a few minutes ago (no notifications sent). Good luck everyone!
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