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TRP due to criminal inadmissibility for a holiday?


Sep 18, 2013
Hi everyone,

Hoping to travel to Canada/US for 3 month holiday however found inadmissible due to criminality. Applied for rehabilitation through Sydney consulate on 02-07-13. Was refused rehabillation until 5 years since end of good behaviour bond on 15-07-13 via email. However they said they would consider a TRP , "In order to determine whether we will issue a TRP we need to see the court decision documentation." I mistakenly understood this and sent copy of invoices from my fine being fully paid as I read off a generic list of required documents. After approximately 2 months of no reply I realised I needed to send an "Advice of court results" document which I sent and was received by them on the 09-11-13.

Had anyone on here received a TRP solely for holiday purposes through the Sydney consulate? And if soo what timeframe should I be expecting on awaiting a decision?.