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Tracking issues?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Peanut butter and jelly, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Has anybody here used Xpresspost to submit their PR application lately? I submitted mine at 8 am this morning this is the message that I'm getting when I try to track it (FYI, my package was supposed to be delivered today since I live in Sydney):

    Unfortunately, the number you entered is not in our tracking system.

    You entered a valid number, but we are not able to show the tracking information for one of the following reasons:

    • The item is in transit, but we haven't yet received it from the sender
    • The item is coming from another country and is not in Canada yet. Track it on the postal website of the originating country first.
    • The item was shipped more than a year ago
    • The sender chose a service that doesn't include tracking
    I called Canada Post and they have no idea what happened with my package either and asked me to go to the postal office tomorrow morning. Has anybody seen this message before? I seriously hope I don't have to redo my application or I'll lose my mind.
  2. ??? You literally just submitted it, it can take 24 hours to get tracking numbers.
  3. I am 99% sure that Canada Post does not offer same day delivery, even if you live in the same city, it would be next day
  4. It has not even had time for the tracking number to roll over into the system. Most of the time it takes at least 12 hours to find a tracking number with availability, sometimes 24 hours. Try it again tomorrow, and be patient.
  5. Patience is KEY in this process. You need to wait and allow the processing of this. Systems dont always update immediately. Canada post doesnt offer same day delivery. You will learn how to wait with ZERO communication and updates from immigration. No one can tell you timelines of your application nor what they think potential issues could be holding things up. Its daunting but itll get done
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