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Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants


Garry 1263

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May 23, 2017
Finally, Ecas says Decision Made, but my CIC still says Background is in process and we will send you message when we start your background check.......
Same happened with us Yeti. One Friday got the prearrival services letter and following Monday got the PPR. And the ECAS was saying decision made when we got the pre arrival services letter. You should expect PPR next week for sure.
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Garry 1263

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May 23, 2017
Hi All,

Has any one in the forum dealt with vfs Chandigarh for passports submission. Any idea how long does they take to return the passports back.


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Jul 20, 2016
Tina - Since when it changed to processing your background check & what it said before ??

Our background says :
Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.
Sorry i do not remember when it changed to in process. It has been a few months now.


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Jan 5, 2016
Hi all,

I have received passport request yesterday from Ottawa for my parents.
Unfortunately, my dad is in India and mom is in canada.

Can anyone advice me on how and where to send passport?

Thank you!!
HI Victoria,
I will be in similar situation like you as my Mom is here and Dad in India. Decision Made today, so i hope will get passport request with in a week or so. Can you please update what you find our regarding passport submission in your this situation. In my case Dad is principal applicant and mom is dependent.
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Jan 24, 2018

June 2016

Medicals passed since October 2016

You don't need a medical exam
Fingerprints: Required & submitted December 2016, but since end of 2017 it says no need for fingerprints
Background Check: In process (since December 2016)
Additional documents required. We will send you a message (for 2/3 months)

Whenever they sent something, it was always "we need X submitted within 30 days" followed by 12+ months of absolute silence. :mad: