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Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by androcles, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Got DM Today , Late May 2018 Applicant in Toronto.
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  2. i just found out from CIC website about DM and called my lawer , he will sent me Email about DM end of today so i will find out about interview later
  3. How long it takes in average to receive an interview after DM ?
  4. Hey, I am a Nov 2, 2017 applicant, I haven’t received any updates from the Cic since March 3, 2019 which was a Invitational pre-arrival service letter, I am not sure what’s happening but may I ask how long does it normally take for you to get a DM from the visa office? I am inland, I have a dependent living in Jamaica, but they sent a message stating that she is not eligible to be a dependent, however, they asked for additional information that should have been submitted within 60 days, that information was already submitted, can someone enlighten me please? Would it be possible that my daughter will be seen as a dependent after the information is sent in? How long does it takes for the dm to be sent to me? Please please, I ask for help in this situation
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  5. i check this forum look like up to 30 days from DM we invite for interview
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    Hi, Did they give a reason for why your daughter is not a dependent? What documents did they ask for?

    Question for other members: I also have a daughter abroad. She is unmarried and her date of birth is 10 June 1997. I filed for PR in April 2019 and added her in my application. I have not received the acknowledgement of receipt yet. I think she is a dependent. But I am a little concerned. Can anyone who has knowledge about dependent rules please confirm if she will be considered to be a dependent? I will be grateful for your time. Thank you!
  8. Do they request PCC after they are done with background check? My account shows they are working on background check and have not requested PCC from me yet! Thanks
  10. Very good god bless you its very good time
    i will leave Montreal to Edmonton soon it may affect on my time line
  11. It varies from visa office to another. In some cases they don’t send acknowledgment instead you receive instructions like Medical tests like in my spouse case.
  12. No not at all...it solemnly depends on the IRCC office and the officer looking ur application...
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  13. Very rare. Most of the times AOR is not sent. Tracking the courier u sent is the only way to check if its delivered. Thats the only way.

  14. Thanks for your reply. After you sent the forms how long they took to request for medical?
  15. 20 march 2018 application recieved
    22 august 2018 started processing
    24 october 2018 medicals recieved
    4 january 2019 fbi clearence recieved
    3 may eligibility passed
    14 may decision
    Waiting for the interviev
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