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Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by androcles, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Dear waitin_vain

    Lets us know if you got any update in mail and ur E-CAS... you must feel relieved after all this...
  2. Labron

    I email u already but no reply from you. I think there is something wrong on the email u gave me
  3. Hello hamedsilent,

    I have received a letter from Vegreville today dated July 12,2011 confirming that my application has been completed. They advise me to wait for the landing interview letter from CIC Etobicoke. Unfortunately, my ecas has not been updated since decision has been made. So, donot rely on ECAS for information and for every update I know there is someone working on your file hopeful you hear the good news soon!

  4. The same thing happened to me, except that they told me it will take 2 months for them to call or contact me to go and sign that thing. I believe it's a question of being lazy on the immigration's side.
    As a matter of fact, friends that I came here with already signed their documents. Those call center agent and Immigration agent are not doing the right thing by stressing people out all the time. So to speak 8months after my application I contacted one agent, he told me I will be hearing from them next year 2012, but I called another 2weeks afterwards another officer told me that I was approved and the Calgary local office will contact you very soon and will take another 2 months.
    It's a mind game with those people, fact that they are not in your shoes, they don't know how frustrated it is.
  5. My aunt has applied to sponsor me, my husband & our daughter. She is a Citizen of Canada and do not have any other living relatives in Canada. She was since asked to provide detailed financial information (which she did).

    I would like to know:

    1. What is the process? - our applications were sent in before the other request for financial details.

    2. How soon will we hear from Canadian Officials to say that we are approved? and will they send us more documents to fill out before we travel?

    3. How soon after our applications are approved can we migrate.

    4. If my family and I have been living in a foreign country for years (and at the time of submitting our application) - how complicated woud it be if we move back to our home country to await a response from the Canadian Officials?

    Thank you much to anyone who can assist
  6. Hello Labron,

    I got my FOSS notes from Access to Information it shows that my criminality was requested before my AIP and it took only 8 days since requested to get completed. It shows my B/f date was October this yr so it seems they work hard only outstanding documents are the ones most of the time holding our applications. It took them a week to confirm my COPR after receiving my Police Certificate.
  7. Hi waitin_vain
    You always bring us the good news! thanks...
    I just have a couple of questions:
    1- Why do they need to reopen your file again, if process is completed?
    2- I was wondering if i can request FOSS about my application as well? and if I can do so, do you have any idea how?

    I still have no update on my file ::)

    Good luck in the rest.
  8. Hi labron

    The bf was put for Oct after AIP but there was medical and police cert outstanding because they had done RCMP check already. You can fax ur request access to information branch of Cic in Ottawa and choose privacy act.You can get the forms through Cic website I will provide the link to you later. It took 5 weeks to get them.
  9. Hi Labron,
    I am attaching the link to the forms that you may fill and send them to this fax number of mail it to
    this adress: ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND PRIVACY, 360 LAURIER AVE. W, OTTAWA, ON ,K1A 1L1 that's where I forwarded my request by fax.

    Also, I think you can forward the request to your local office where you live( here is the link to offices for privacy information request (http://www.infosource.gc.ca/inst/1488/1488-fedemp03-eng.asp).

    Here is the link for the forms (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5563E.pdf.)
    I am wishing you all the best in this final stage hoping you will hear from them soon.
  11. Hello

    Are yo sure the timeline you have stated is correct??!! I believe it was all in 2010 which happend.. So would you mind updating your time line again!!
  12. Thank you waitin_vain...I will send this request, at least to know more about my application status. Do you know what's the best way to have the requested information delivered to me? (i.e. mail, email, hardcopy,etc)?

    Thanks again for your help and wishes my friend...


  13. Hello Labron,

    I think they will deliver them by mail, because I tried to ask them to send by email but they said if your file has more than 50 pages if I am not mistaken then you will receive it by mail. I received mine through mail because I had more than 50 pages on my file.

    Another interesting thing I found in my FOSS notes is I found out that Call Centre agents can add notes on your file, if they provided you with info that you need to take action.
  14. Hello waitin_vain and Hamed,
    I have received unexpectable news today. I called cic and they told me that my application has been finalized and a letter was sent to me by mail. I was told to expect the local office to contact me in a few weeks for a landing interview. Thanks GOD, the long journey is almost ended.
    Is there any update from you waitin_vain?
    I wish all the best for Hamed to hear good news too.
  15. Hello Labron,

    That is a good news, you should celebrate at least the difficult part is done.
    I have not heard anything from local office as I have heard Etobicoke is one of the busy office in GTA. Though am just leaving next week and I expect to get the letter when I get back from my vacation.
    Just wondering Labron how long until you get the landing interview from your local office according to CIC timelines?

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