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Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by androcles, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Thank u so much for help.
    Much appreciated
  2. no worries... all protected persons are brothers :) good luck :)
  3. Yes as i said she should follow CIC instructions by communication with Vienna office (dont forget to attach this letter in your correspondence )
  4. correct...actually he got the letter which is called also AIP(approval in principle) or eligibility
  5. Yeah now this timeline duration applies in all family member which will be longer than a single applicant.
  6. Hi,

    I applied for my PR as protected person along with my all family members inland. I sent my application on July 21, 2017. When should I expect a application receipt confirmation? When will me and my family members would require medical test? Thanks
  7. Now it takes 3 month to get answer. We aplied in june and got in september. At the end of this month u will get. Good luck
  8. thanks
  9. I have got my invitation letter for Landing Interview from CIC Etobicoke offce this week, on the other hand,
    2 weeks passed since my wife applied for PR to Vienna. She has not got any feedback at all.
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  10. Finally, an applicant from 2017 got their PR. Good news, congratulation.
  11. Taking into account my timeline for this you may get it in the end of October or the latest - beginning of November (of course if all processes go well there and your docs are proper.
  12. Hi all,

    I am new to this site so wanted to give background of my situation. I came to Canada when I was 13 years old and have been living here as a protected person since 2009 with my family ( I know I should be a citizen by now). My mother only began applying for our PR in 2013 ( I was a dependent) and we got denied due to her not including the necessary documents and her finger prints in time. She neglected to tell me this for a few years. Now that I am 22 years old I had to take the initiative to apply on my own as a single person. Here is my timeline:

    1. We received your application for permanent residence on March 27, 2017.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on April 13, 2017.
    3. We started processing your application on April 12, 2017
    I am seeing online that it now takes 14 months for initial assessment:(. I am wondering if it will be quicker since I am now applying as a single person? Or maybe it will be longer because this is the second PR application?

    This whole immigration process has been so frustrating especially knowing that I could have been a citizen by now and am forced to clean up the mistakes someone else made.

    Any response would be great.
  13. I feel sorry for you ,you should have been a citizen by now, i wonder why you mentioned " denied" and not " incomplete doc"...any way, i think as a single and due to your special condition , it should take less than 8 months for 1st step, and i know people who got the PR within 4 months in total and single phase( initial assessment and DM )
  14. Hi guys
    I am so happy to find this forum, so I cant find someone how can answers for my questions [​IMG]and lift some of the pursue in my heart :confused:

    I am protect person and i applied for the PR since sep 2016 for me and my family "my family not in Canada" this is my time line:
    1. We received your application for permanent residence on September 8, 2016.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on October 13, 2016.
    3. We started processing your application on October 12, 2016.
    4. Medical results have been received.
    in march 2017 i received an e-mail from CIC and Canadian embassy in Rome to submit documents related to my family such as "Medical examination, police check, application forms, birth certificates,,,, and some others docs" , we did all the these requirements and send them in sealed envelope to the embassy.

    but from that time i didn’t received any updates regards my application or my family application.

    I hope if someone can tell what going on is this a normal processing time or there is something i need to do like calling the embassy in Rome or just wait till the processing time pass.

    Thank you very much,:)
  15. Hi everyone

    I am pass the first stage and awaiting the final stage received my API in August 2017.
    But I just checked my online application status on cic and to my great surprise my address was changed by someone not authorized to do so. I know they weren’t authorized because I’m the only one that has access to my application. The address is 1 hour drive away from where I’ve resides in Canada for over 5 years and I do not access my application in any public place or use any public wifi etc I do everything at home. So I’m writing this 3.38 am I found these changes 2.30 am as I got an urge to check it. The last time I had checked it before now was on September 25th 2017 and thank God I’m one to follow my “mind”. I’ve changed back my addresss it will take 15 days before I see the changes and I’ve sent a report to cic via change of information update. I’m going to contact our local cic 8 am on the dot and also contact head office cic because I’m scared out of my wits.

    With all this said I advice you all to keep constant check on your application just in case cause had I not been one to do so very often who knows, someone else might have been leeching off my identity while I sit here waiting and wondering. Nothing is impossible with hackers so please be careful.

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