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Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by androcles, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Please, I would like to ask if you can share your experiences as a Permanent Resident IN Canada as a refugee.

    We applied after been granted as Convention Refugees on July 2008 and on March we received a letter from alberta stating that "decision has been made, your file was transferred to your local Immigration Office (Ottawa)"

    So far so good, my concern begun when I called two agents an they told me: Once the file is transferred the completion of the process should take up to 36 months.........

    Does anybody have an idea how long could it takes?...Do I have to rely on that information?

  2. A really long time because your category is NEAR the bottom of priority in Immigration Processing so 3-4 years sounds right
  3. I do not know if at this point you are allowed to do certain things but if I were you l'll try to improve more on myself by getting more education. This might prove to them that you are smart and hard working and will contribute positively to the country .
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  4. At this point actually, this is the second year in a row that I pay taxes. I'm working for ATT and I almost to be promoted as a coach for new trainees and my wife's working for a ONG dedicated to help people in In El Salvador. Even my daughter has an outstanding performance at school and is about to start high school next period.

    I wonder why I should consider myself as been at the bottom of any category If we became productive...Thank you for your considerations, but I feel you shoot before asking first. I do apologize if there's any misunderstanding from my side.
  5. I feel for you since i am personally helping many refugee claimants,But I am blunt and the Truth straight from the Immigration Minister is that processing of Refugee claims is behind Federal Skilled Work,CEC,Spousal Sponsorship,Investor,Family Reunification,PNP,AEO,Student etc.Are you upset by the truth??Wake up and smell the coffee,why do you think some people withdraw refugee claims and move to other Categories.You are obviously a good person BUT it doesnt count,Your category refugee is near the bottom of the priority havent you noticed your category has the LONGEST WAITING TIME,you are at the end of the line,it is sad but the truth,I am blunt in the people I counsel,I dont give them false hope,For example I filed an LMO for a Woman last week for free,But I also told her it is 90% likely to be denied.Likewise even if you were the most decent person in your company,You are still at the end of the list and LOW PRIORITY
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  6. Well BCguy has said it all Keep praying androcles.
    Good Luck
  7. Dear participants...

    I need to bring this quote from one of my favorites writers, Paulo Coellho

    “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

    The reason is that after two days of requesting help from you I receive a phone call from Immigration Canada, branch of Ottawa.


    Against all predictions, we held a short interview this morning and they returned us our stamped passports as landed immigrants. The whole process at the front desk didn't go over than 45 mins.

    Said this, I would like to invite all of those who came to Canada as a Refugees and already applied for the Permanent Residency to contact the local Office, preferable, show up, asks questions, etc. Once the file is transferred chances are to get a quick response. Don't leave it unattended...and especially do not loose your hope and ask for advise.

    I'm available on this source, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    My email: androcles@rogers.com
    Thank you Canada...!!!
  8. CONGRATULATIONS,I will pass on the good news to 3 Refugees I am currently guiding Miracles do happen,But there are horror stories,There was a Palestinian guy who took 7 years before he was approved,My best wishes but I still advise refugees to hope for the best but prepare for the worst
  9. Hello fellows,

    Just passing by to say hi and give you some updates and hope.

    At almost 2 years of becoming Permanent Residents this is our current situation:

    I'm working for an IT Company, PROTUS, based in Ottawa.

    My wife is working for the Federal Government in HR (her background)

    We Bought a house, back in September.

    In June, we fully qualify to apply for our Citizenship.

    Again, thanks a lot.
  10. Hello androcles,
    Glade to hear from you, I tried to send you this msg in your inbox, but it said inbox is full

    I am trying to reply here too, but ist not working, please delete some msgz of your inbox so that I can you mine. Thanks
  12. Congratulation for all what you have now in Canada. I saw your post back in Dec 2010, I did send you an email too. I need guide if you would please reply me back. My situation same as you, but my wife is bakc home in Pakistan. Please let me know that how long will it take next, since CIC website shows 11 months more. It has been 3 years I live and separet from my spause, I just cant wait to get my PR soon. so please share your story that what exactly happened. Here is my timeline so that you have clear understanding
    Im not sure what will happen Next, I have no idea and Im so confused. So far I have no news from CIC. the Call center said Yesterday that they still opening the pakcges received untill 14 march 2011. I according to call center I have to wait one motnh more for my package (included passport photo copy and police certiticate) to open.
  13. I live in Alberta, and it only 1 hour to Vegreville from my home, will they still transfare my file to local office or it will be process untill in Vegriville?
    Im not sure what will happen Next, I have no idea and Im so confused. So far I have no news from CIC. the Call center said Yesterday that they still opening the pakcges received untill 14 march 2011. I according to call center I have to wait one motnh more for my package (included passport photo copy and police certiticate) to open.
    My e-case since 20 March 2011 says: App rcvd Aug 2010, start processing Oct 2010, AIP March 2011. a decision made, you will be contact. this msg is since I was able my e-case ( 20 March 2011) and no changes, on ecase so far.
    I will be waiting for your reply with more updates and ideas.
    my email is
  14. Hello Khurshe and rest of the fellows.

    "A decision has been made" in my case meant that the answer was positive to me and my family. I guess I posted this before, but my entire process since I first claimed refuge until we became permanent Residents, took one year and a half.

    I contacted the call center and they told me that it easily takes 18 months after the status "decision made" showed up on the web, but in fact it was only one month and a half.

    I called locally to St. Catherine branch (Ottawa). I sent a letter. When I called, nobody ave me and answer and referred me again to the call center (Which I hated).

    They did not answer my letter. They sent another communication indicating that my file was transferred to Ottawa. Only 3 weeks after I received the final letter.

    We went there and all our papers and stuff were intact.

    I don't know if you locally have an office you can call, but I'll say: Research, contact them, most of all not to push the process, but to have some peace of mind.

    Please, keep in contact.
  15. Hi androcles,

    Thanks for reply, I called CIC Yesterday and they said since the process takes another 11 months I am not supposed to contact call center before January 2012.

    I am glade that you gave a breif description of your CIC experience, it gaves a hope. I am looking forward to hear from them with in next two months.

    CIC is openning and working the general crospondence received untill April 01-2011 and they received my at the end of March, I am hoping they update my file untill th end of this montj. ;)

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