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The Outlander PPR Thread


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May 5, 2021
Hello guys, I got an additional document request from IRCC asking for form IMM5406, which is for additional family information. I want to know what this means and what I should expect. Also, does anybody have any experience in filing out this form.

Thanks for your anticipated response

Pretom Ghosh

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Feb 3, 2020
It is upto you. IRCC is unpredictable these days. It is better to wait if you think that you would be able to provide the document soon if they ask for remedicals otherwise you can go ahead and raise a webform after you complete your upfront remedicals.
Hello, congratulations, I just want to know that if I want to do upfront re medical then there will be no medical request letter given to us from IRCC. Without that medical request letter, is it possible to do upfront re medical?


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Nov 3, 2019
South Africa
Visa Office......
NOC Code......
Copied from fb group
Finally got the gold update on my account , my application has been approved, my travel document issued, on its way. Thanks for all the precious informations.

Aor Feb 2020
Do you know their country of residence? Or have a link?


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Aug 16, 2021
Copied from https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/december-2019-aor-join-here.666708/post-9754182

Hi! Got a GU yesterday from my online account (Updated) then got an email a few hours ago, this is the golden email right? Me and my spouse AOR-Dec 2019 PNP-O Remedical passed-Feb 2021

email from idcc.cio-brcd.ircc

The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete. You must complete the following steps within 30 days in order for our office to issue your Confirmation of Permanent Residence and, if applicable, your permanent residence visa. If for any reason you are not able to meet this deadline, please inform our Centralized Intake Office office immediately via the IRCC Web Form: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/web-form.asp with details concerning your situation.

Due to the current situation regarding the novel coronavirus, if you are unable to provide the requested documents by the due date, please advise our office. We understand that some documentation may be unobtainable at this time. Your application will not be refused because you are unable to provide the requested document on time.


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Aug 16, 2021
Not sure if this is already shared https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/november-2019-aor-join-here.661770/post-9752935

Very Happy to share, today I received golden PPR mail. Please find my timeline
AOR :20 Nov 2019
COR: India
Remedical Passed: 12 Feb 2021
No ghost update..checked regularly
PPR : 13th Oct 2021

Thank you so much for all motivation this group had provided over couple of years. Wish you all the best for your PPR's.

Just one more help..Anyone experienced passport submission process. It's still VFS 2 way courier service web form need to be submitted



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Aug 16, 2021
Here another one received yesterday: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/november-2019-aor-join-here.661770/post-9753179 - (hopefully I am not spamming by re-adding what is already shared)

Received Ready for visa mail today 13thOct21
Ontario PNP - Aug19
AOR - 25thNov19
COR - India
VO Primary - CIO & Secondary - Ottawa
Remed request - 15thSep21
Medical - 17thSep21
Medical passed - 22ndSep21
PPR/Readyforvisa mail - 13thOct21
Thanks for all motivation in this group.


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May 4, 2021
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