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Thai national emigrating to Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Vaquero, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. My Thai gf currently lives in Europe (10 yr resident card, still a Thai national) and is going thru a divorce (marriage was 'over' a few yrs ago). She is coming to Canada on a 1 year multiple entry visitor's visa. She is fluent in English and French and has 2 university degrees.

    Question - should she want to stay in Canada, what are the possibilities re skilled worker visa? It seems that it takes a few years for such to be processed. There is also the provincial nomination programme that may work if applicable and can take a few months if it goes well.

    Alternatively, if things work out well, I will marry her here in Canada. Would I then be able to sponsor her for immigration and try to get a permanent resident card? I believe such an application would have to be made thru the Canada immigration office in Singapore, correct? If I read the info from the CIC web site, once I initiate the sponsorship process, we can then ask for an extension to the visitor's visa?

  2. I'm assuming you're a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

    In that case, her best option is probably sponsorship by you.

    Gotta finalize the divorce first, of course.

    If your then wife were living with you in Canada, you would apply to Vegreville, Alberta. If she's not with you in Canada, you would apply through Mississauga, Ontario. Then the case would be transferred to Singapore later.
  3. Thanks for the reply, ThaiGuy!

    Yes, I am a Canadian citizen. Yes, spouse sponsorship seems to be the best option. Also thanks for the additional info re if she is living in Canada with me that we go thru Vegreville and not Singapore.


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