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Take me to Canada


Jan 21, 2020
Job Offer........
My dream is to work in Canadian company or store I hope my dream come through because I see allot of comments about Canadavisa saying it all fake but I don’t believe that why I have to try my luck because what is meant to be will surely be.


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Mar 22, 2016
When you see posts on this forum saying some job offers are fake it is because they are obviously fake.

Employers simply do not provide free accommodation, free food, free return flights from anywhere in the world and a job in a store or a gas station or a hotel or on a farm with all those benefits plus pay a minimum wage.

Add to that they ask for copies of education documentation and passport plus then ask for a fee which employers would not do. If they do not offer a min wage then they go to the other extreme and offer 100k plus for a job that might average half that.

These fake offers are supported by the creation of fake websites that might look convincing to anyone outside of Canada but are generally copied from genuine sites leaving parts of the genuine site on the fake one and only created in previous couple months.

For example fake hotel sites with sea views from Calgary or oil/gas jobs where the website has a real gas field in Australia shown on the fake site as being in Canada. A farm with an address on the fake website where the address is in a downtown or residential neighbourhood.

If you have a dream to move to Canada then by all means follow your dreams but just be aware there are plenty of people who will destroy your dream and take your money for nothing in return.

If something looks too good to be true then it will so advice on this forum is to use common sense at all times and spend time on researching every offer, it is not difficult to see through a fake.




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Nov 11, 2008
Job Offer........
A lot of Canadian companies or individuals have business outside Canada. Perhaps you can find them and work in your country.