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Study permit Processing Time - Visa Office in Singapore



Mar 22, 2022
File Lodge: 14 Nov 21
Biometric Update:17 Nov 21
Medical Update: 17 Jan'22
Eligibility review started: 14 Mar'22
Additional Doc Req : 14 Mar'22
ADR review started : 17 Mar'22
Category: Non-SDS (PG Summer'22 intake)
Visa office : Singapore

Current status : Under Eligibility review.
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Jan 6, 2015
Guys, Is there anyone who applied for Canada study visa in Singapore? Can you please share your timeline here?
Here is my timeline:
File Lodge: 24 Jan 2022
Category: Non-SDS
Medical Update: 25 Jan
Biometric Update: 27 Jan
Eligibility review started: 15 March
My timeline:
File Lodge: 9 Jan 2022
Category: Non-SDS
Medical Upfront(due to delay in upfront medical request): 2nd June 2022
Biometric Update: 10 Jan
Eligibility review not yet begun.

I regret not doing my medical earlier. My application includes my spouse's work visa (OWP) as well. Maybe that is dragging it. I am a little worried if I can make it for Fall 2022 intake. The worst part is that we are helpless. There is nothing we can do.