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Study permit for Canada walk in submission

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by studentpil0t, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Hi, I applied in October @ the London office it’s been approx 5 weeks and tracking still shows processing however I checked earlier today and it said ‘no record found’. Anyone shed any light on the process and time frame as my proposed starting date has passed
  2. It says the processing time is 9 weeks on the website.
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  3. Right, well I hope they come to a decision before 9 weeks pass.
  4. That time is just a guide.
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  5. I was asked to email a new letter of acceptance with a revised date since the previous one (Dec 5th had passed) I received a revised letter of acceptance with a new starting date of the 16th Dec. forwarded to the appropriate email and it was acknowledged on the 3rd Dec. Now I'm worried that the 16th will pass and they'll ask me again for a new Letter of acceptance. It has already been approximately 8 weeks since I applied. The process is becoming overwhelming and I'm overdue for my course. Anyone in or has been in the same boat?
  6. The guide says 9 weeks.
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  7. Well I hope the guide is right because next week is the 9th one. I've also e-mailed them another revised letter of acceptance since the 16th has passed! This time they have about 5 weeks to make a decision before my proposed starting date..
  8. Remember the timeline is ONLY a guide. This does not mean you will get a decision on that exact date. It just depends on how busy they are etc. What is/was your starting date?
  9. First one was the 5th of Dec.Second one 16th and now the latest one is 1st of Feb 2019.
  10. Well hopefully you should get it before then. It's strange why it is taking so long. Have you asked why?
  11. Tried calling the high commission office here but their automated phone system redirects you to the website.
  12. Closing in on 10 weeks (approximately 70 days) since I submitted my application. Man do I feel very unfortunate I understand the fact
  13. Study permit granted today

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